i refuse…

To let this blog die, really I do. 

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by here or on my MySpace page to congratulate The Accountant and I on our little bean!  More on that later, believe me.

In the next few days there will be a Christmas post recapping the holiday adventures of Finn and family, followed by some thoughts, rants, ravings and wishes currently running through my knocked up brain.  Then hopefully, we will be back to our regularly scheduled posting.


2 thoughts on “i refuse…

  1. Yay!!!!
    And just keep telling yourself that your blog has eaten too much over the holidays so you’ve put it on a diet to get back into shape. It’s what I keep telling myself about mine.:)
    I love that you’re calling the wee one a “bean”….hee….reminds me of….coffee beans. You’re eventually going to be a slave to the bean just as I am now.

  2. “knocked up brain” made me giggle. Hey, be happy that you can eat it up for the next 9 months…although, the repucussions could be devastating. Good luck. Keep up the blogging as I am sure there are many amusing pregnancy stories to come out of it and you could always turn this into a “Mommy Blogger” site. **shudders**

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