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a bunch of hooey?

27 Jan

What in the name of all that makes logical sense on this earth does this sentence mean?

For the demarcation of the fields where impulse should be as completely as possible dependent upon and correspondent with external situation, those in which reference should take prior place from those in which it may be subordinate to appetencies with advantage, is not a simple matter.

Seriously people.  I am about to hurl this ten pound book of mumbo jumbo out the window and resume organizing closets, which is what I did yesterday to avoid reading this crap.  Did the author take one of those sets of refrigerator magnets with all the words on them and just throw them randomly at the frig to come up with this stuff or what?  I’m guessing this guy never got laid. 

The class I’m taking is about literary criticism and so far there has been a lot of discussion and analyzing of the novel we read (The Awakening, by Kate Chopin), a very good book by the way, even if you don’t analyze or critique it, the story will stand on it’s own as an entertaining and interesting read, minus any complex commentary.  Coming up we will be learning about various theories of criticism and the elements of each.  I know this will involve a ton of reading (as I’m trying to do now) and a ton of b.s. will be verbally tossed about the classroom as was my experience last week.  It was almost funny though as I observed many students trying to outdo each other with a more elaborate line of b.s. than the person who spoke up before them.  I joined in the fray of course, as part of our grade will be on participation and I quite amused myself with what came out of my mouth.  I’m going to have to “fake it till I make it” because this analyzing a passage to death is not my thing.  At all.

I mean, why can’t the line “roses are red, violets are blue” simply be about the colors of two flowers?  Why do some people have to make it out to have some elaborate symbolic reference and say things like “oh, i think this means that the author’s heart is red and bleeding, broken, if you will and therefore it has caused his countenance to be sad, blue, if you will, and due to unrequited love his view of the world has subsequently changed and he is contemplating suicide by suffocation in a meadow of roses and violets”.  What the hell?!!?  Dude, roses are red, voilets are blue, that’s it, it doesn’t have to MEAN anything more than that!!!!!!

Ok, I’m going back to my decoding mission now.  Blimey.

poe fo’ sho’

20 Jan

I realize that perhaps I should change the title of this blog to something like “The pregnant lady goes back to school and has a dog too” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Finnspace”, and it’s too long, so I’m leaving it as is.  I know that’s about all I write about lately but that’s pretty much what my life has become over the past several weeks so there ya go. 

Continuing that trend, I do want to post about my first official class as a grad student but first, something quirky and intriguing, to me at least.  I love stuff like this.

Undeterred by controversy, a mysterious visitor paid his annual tribute at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe early Saturday, placing three red roses and a half-filled bottle of cognac before stealing away into the darkness.

I’ll be in the city of the Ravens, (hey, it just occurred to me, is that why they’re called the Ravens, because of the Poe poem? Or is that too literary a thought for the gridiron?) and the Orioles this spring.  Wonder if I’ll have time to check out the Poe House and Museum?  Heh, that puts a whole new spin on being “in the poe house” doesn’t it?  Yuk yuk yuk, I slay me.

12-week appt

20 Jan

Right now I’m eating those yummy sugar cookes you get in the clear plastic containers at Kroger.  The ones with the pink frosting and sprinkles.  And I don’t feel guilty about it.  Just so you know.

Sometimes I think I might be narcoleptic.  And arthritic.  But then I remember, no, I’m just pregnant.  I felt like I could have taken a lovely nap in my spinach dip today at Ruby Tuesdays and my hips are so stiff I’m hobbling around like a 90 year old.  The trouble is that at this point I am only showing if I wear snugger (is that a word?) fitting shirts, and even then, I just look like I’ve had too many of the above mentioned sugar cookies.  It isn’t cute yet.  So to anyone watching my drooping eyelids and limping gait I just look like a chubby lady who needs to eat better and touch up her roots.  Lovely.

My 12-week doctor appointment last Tuesday was great for the most part.  The doctor used the Doppler to pick up the heartbeat and it was amazing.  It was 160, strong and healthy sounding.  It sounded like a fluttering, or something akin to horses galloping maybe.  It’s hard to describe.  The only quirk in the visit was that my thyroid levels came back a tad bit squirrelly, barely out of the normal range, so I had to go back to the blood lab for another blood draw so they could rerun the tests.  If you know me very well at all, you know that one of my many phobias is getting my blood taken.  It’s all about a fear of needles in general.  But so far I’ve had my blood taken twice and both times have gotten lucky enough to have had an excellent phlebotomist.  I do make sure to warn them that I am a terrified horrible patient when it comes to getting my blood taken and command them DO NOT stick me unless you are 100% positive that you have a vein.  Otherwise I will bolt out of this chair faster than lightning, hobbling on both sore hips, taking that squishy ball you make me squeeze with me and you will never see me, or it, again.  Either that or I will pass out and you will have to deal with a fat lady sprawled out on your pristine and shiny floor.  So far this has been a successful strategy.  I need to call next week to see how the thyroid redo test went but the doctor didn’t seem all that concerned about it, just that it was either a fluke thing or I’d be on my way to see an endocrinologist.  Don’t you love how I’m throwing around all these medical terms?  That last part wasn’t too comforting but what can ya do?  I’m at their mercy. 

Overall, it was a good day and put my mind at ease that Bean is still in there and hadn’t got bored swimming around and decided to jump ship.  I go back for my 16-week visit in mid-February. 

get your Cooper fix

15 Jan

Because it’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of Cooper, here he is at obedience class “graduation” a couple of weeks ago.

And in the most awkward sleeping position I’ve ever seen.  That cannot be comfortable can it? 

Excuse the demon eyes.  Little does he know, he is going to get snipped in a few days.  Bwahhahahaha.


15 Jan

It feels like I’ve been doing quite a bit of waiting the past few weeks.  I’ve been waiting for school to start, waiting for my next doctor’s appointment and waiting to tell work about both of these things. 

Last week I broke the news at work.  I told both bosses separately but I went ahead and dropped both bombs on them at once.  I’m all about the drama sometimes.  I was all like “so, I’m starting grad school next week, I do hope you’ll sign this form but I’m going anyway.  And oh yeah, one more thing, I’m pregnant.”  They took it well, great actually, and both seem to be very happy for me. 

Tomorrow is my 12 week doctor appointment and I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat.  Mostly I want reassurance that there is still a baby in there.  I mean, I don’t know where it would have ran off to as everything has been going well, as far as I can tell but what do I know about these things?  For all I know Bean could have decided to jump ship while I was sleeping and ran off down the street.  I just want a professional to tell me he/she is still in there, safe and sound.

Tomorrow is also my first night of class.  Last week I ventured onto campus with my map and paperwork, feeling like an eighteen year old freshman all over again, and got my parking sticker and ID card.  The plastic rectangle proves that I belong there and even says “Grad Student” on it above the barcode.  I’m so official now.  I guess. 

I was such a dork in Walmart the other night trying to figure out if official grad students use folders or binders or three ring notebooks or what.  Would I look completely naive if I bought that three subject notebook with the polka dots on it?  Or should I stick with just a legal pad?  Do they sell Trapper Keepers anymore?   In the end I just bought a boring gray notebook and some blue ink pens.  Geez, the things I can think of to stress out about!  But if anyone in class has a polka-dotted Trapper Keeper, I’m going to be so jealous.

So anyhow, tomorrow is going to be a big day and I’m excited and nervous about all of it. 

go granny go

10 Jan

These days all things sour and/or tart are on my favorite food list.  Right now I am chowing down on the best variety of apple in the world – a Granny Smith of course!  I also cannot seem to get my fill of green apple Jolly Ranchers.  Maybe I’ll even learn to love lemons here soon. 


5 Jan

Yeah, so I am sucking at this blogging while pregnant thing, but I thought I’d drop by and give you the latest highlights from my exciting life.  Heh. 

Today I met with my advisor for the grad school program (MA English) I’m going to attempt.  It went great and we figured out which class I need to start out with and discussed all the fun things you discuss with an academic advisor.  He was a super nice man and his wife is pregnant as well and due in just a few weeks.  I will register for the class next week and start the following week.  I’m only taking one class to start with.  It may be that way through this entire experience because that will probably be all I can handle timewise and financially.   I do wish I’d chosen a different undergrad but you can’t go back on these things I guess.  And you can’t live with regrets either so I must just move forward!  I guess I might be a tad crazy for starting this with a baby on the way but I should be able to get this semester and maybe a summer session done before I’m swimming in Bean’s pee and poop.  Then we will reassess.  Besides, this has been in the works for a long time and like I said, I’m just going to move forward!  Charge, Gung Ho, Go For It and all that.

Cooper “graduated” from his intermediate obedience class and I have an adorable picture to post when I get around to it.  There are no plans right now to have him become an “expert” in obeying us!  He barely passes muster as it is most times, the little booger. 

I go back to the doctor in a little over a week so I’m excited and nervous about that.  I keep hearing about all these horrible stories of bad things happening at this stage and I’m nervous.  I shouldn’t read so much I guess.  I will just be glad to get past the first trimester with a healthy lil’ bean.  I am so incredibly tired all of the time.  I have even tried the George-from-Sienfield trick of sleeping under my desk (during my lunch break of course) but that wasn’t successful so I just have to put my head down and take cat naps until lunch is over and I must continue to muddle through the day.  I’m not in maternity clothes just yet as I’m only just past 11 weeks but I am in that annoying stage where my regular clothes are too tight and I’m just feeling bloated and fat, but not with the cute baby bump yet.  I ordered a tummy sleeve the other day so we will see if that is helpful or not.  This contraption is supposed to allow you to walk around in public with your pants unbuttoned and help hold up too big for you britches, but we’ll see if it “holds up” anything. 

Hope your 2008 is starting off on a positive foot! 

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