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5 Jan

Yeah, so I am sucking at this blogging while pregnant thing, but I thought I’d drop by and give you the latest highlights from my exciting life.  Heh. 

Today I met with my advisor for the grad school program (MA English) I’m going to attempt.  It went great and we figured out which class I need to start out with and discussed all the fun things you discuss with an academic advisor.  He was a super nice man and his wife is pregnant as well and due in just a few weeks.  I will register for the class next week and start the following week.  I’m only taking one class to start with.  It may be that way through this entire experience because that will probably be all I can handle timewise and financially.   I do wish I’d chosen a different undergrad but you can’t go back on these things I guess.  And you can’t live with regrets either so I must just move forward!  I guess I might be a tad crazy for starting this with a baby on the way but I should be able to get this semester and maybe a summer session done before I’m swimming in Bean’s pee and poop.  Then we will reassess.  Besides, this has been in the works for a long time and like I said, I’m just going to move forward!  Charge, Gung Ho, Go For It and all that.

Cooper “graduated” from his intermediate obedience class and I have an adorable picture to post when I get around to it.  There are no plans right now to have him become an “expert” in obeying us!  He barely passes muster as it is most times, the little booger. 

I go back to the doctor in a little over a week so I’m excited and nervous about that.  I keep hearing about all these horrible stories of bad things happening at this stage and I’m nervous.  I shouldn’t read so much I guess.  I will just be glad to get past the first trimester with a healthy lil’ bean.  I am so incredibly tired all of the time.  I have even tried the George-from-Sienfield trick of sleeping under my desk (during my lunch break of course) but that wasn’t successful so I just have to put my head down and take cat naps until lunch is over and I must continue to muddle through the day.  I’m not in maternity clothes just yet as I’m only just past 11 weeks but I am in that annoying stage where my regular clothes are too tight and I’m just feeling bloated and fat, but not with the cute baby bump yet.  I ordered a tummy sleeve the other day so we will see if that is helpful or not.  This contraption is supposed to allow you to walk around in public with your pants unbuttoned and help hold up too big for you britches, but we’ll see if it “holds up” anything. 

Hope your 2008 is starting off on a positive foot! 

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