It feels like I’ve been doing quite a bit of waiting the past few weeks.  I’ve been waiting for school to start, waiting for my next doctor’s appointment and waiting to tell work about both of these things. 

Last week I broke the news at work.  I told both bosses separately but I went ahead and dropped both bombs on them at once.  I’m all about the drama sometimes.  I was all like “so, I’m starting grad school next week, I do hope you’ll sign this form but I’m going anyway.  And oh yeah, one more thing, I’m pregnant.”  They took it well, great actually, and both seem to be very happy for me. 

Tomorrow is my 12 week doctor appointment and I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat.  Mostly I want reassurance that there is still a baby in there.  I mean, I don’t know where it would have ran off to as everything has been going well, as far as I can tell but what do I know about these things?  For all I know Bean could have decided to jump ship while I was sleeping and ran off down the street.  I just want a professional to tell me he/she is still in there, safe and sound.

Tomorrow is also my first night of class.  Last week I ventured onto campus with my map and paperwork, feeling like an eighteen year old freshman all over again, and got my parking sticker and ID card.  The plastic rectangle proves that I belong there and even says “Grad Student” on it above the barcode.  I’m so official now.  I guess. 

I was such a dork in Walmart the other night trying to figure out if official grad students use folders or binders or three ring notebooks or what.  Would I look completely naive if I bought that three subject notebook with the polka dots on it?  Or should I stick with just a legal pad?  Do they sell Trapper Keepers anymore?   In the end I just bought a boring gray notebook and some blue ink pens.  Geez, the things I can think of to stress out about!  But if anyone in class has a polka-dotted Trapper Keeper, I’m going to be so jealous.

So anyhow, tomorrow is going to be a big day and I’m excited and nervous about all of it. 

One thought on “tomorrow

  1. You’re going to be great and the appointment is going to go well. I can’t wait to hear about both of them.
    Good luck and have a wonderful first day back to school!

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