a bunch of hooey?

What in the name of all that makes logical sense on this earth does this sentence mean?

For the demarcation of the fields where impulse should be as completely as possible dependent upon and correspondent with external situation, those in which reference should take prior place from those in which it may be subordinate to appetencies with advantage, is not a simple matter.

Seriously people.  I am about to hurl this ten pound book of mumbo jumbo out the window and resume organizing closets, which is what I did yesterday to avoid reading this crap.  Did the author take one of those sets of refrigerator magnets with all the words on them and just throw them randomly at the frig to come up with this stuff or what?  I’m guessing this guy never got laid. 

The class I’m taking is about literary criticism and so far there has been a lot of discussion and analyzing of the novel we read (The Awakening, by Kate Chopin), a very good book by the way, even if you don’t analyze or critique it, the story will stand on it’s own as an entertaining and interesting read, minus any complex commentary.  Coming up we will be learning about various theories of criticism and the elements of each.  I know this will involve a ton of reading (as I’m trying to do now) and a ton of b.s. will be verbally tossed about the classroom as was my experience last week.  It was almost funny though as I observed many students trying to outdo each other with a more elaborate line of b.s. than the person who spoke up before them.  I joined in the fray of course, as part of our grade will be on participation and I quite amused myself with what came out of my mouth.  I’m going to have to “fake it till I make it” because this analyzing a passage to death is not my thing.  At all.

I mean, why can’t the line “roses are red, violets are blue” simply be about the colors of two flowers?  Why do some people have to make it out to have some elaborate symbolic reference and say things like “oh, i think this means that the author’s heart is red and bleeding, broken, if you will and therefore it has caused his countenance to be sad, blue, if you will, and due to unrequited love his view of the world has subsequently changed and he is contemplating suicide by suffocation in a meadow of roses and violets”.  What the hell?!!?  Dude, roses are red, voilets are blue, that’s it, it doesn’t have to MEAN anything more than that!!!!!!

Ok, I’m going back to my decoding mission now.  Blimey.

5 thoughts on “a bunch of hooey?

  1. Yes, I remember my days in graduate English classes. Some were awesome, but many were just as you describe here. It could be WAY worse, though–you could be in graduate education classes like me and your mom :). Speaking of which, I have to get back to the pointless project she and I are working on together…

  2. Hey Holly. Isn’t it crazy that you are in class with my mom? I just think that’s bizarre, and very cool.
    Yeah, this class is going to drive me crazy I think.
    Btw, I’ve tried to comment on your blog but I can’t seem to comment on any Blogger blogs since I have WordPress. Anyway, I am a faithful reader though!

  3. Jnnnifer there is something you have to do to enable you to comment on blogger, tyepad etc……it is quite simple. I will ask my son and let you know unless someone beats me to it!

  4. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. Your designated big mouth of the group will only start sounding dumber and more annoying and most of the others will follow along. The good thing is, eventually, you can say just about anything as an analysis and it will be considered an insightful response. Have fun with it and, again, welcome to the world of the weird.

  5. By the way, your mom and I pretty much rocked the house last night. Er…maybe not, but we got it over with, which was both of our goals.

    As for Blogger, you just have to make a blogger profile and get a username and password and then you can post comments. See you then… 🙂

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