can you live-blog a tornado?

Ahhhhh!!!  These storms and tornadoes all over the place scare the poo outta me.  The Accountant and the dog are snoozing like well, babies.  How do they do that?  I’m glued to the tv with a flashlight, my cat and my cell phone by my side.  Two deaths in Huntingdon?  Did I just hear that right?  Or is it Huntersville?  Does TN even have a town called Huntersville?  Kids trapped in a dorm at Union University in Jackson?  Oh, they’re out ok now.  An explosion in Sumner County?  Search and rescue sent to Fairview?  Another bad set of weather heading this way too.  Looks like it’s right at my parent’s house about now.  Should I call?  No, that would freak them out I think.  Mom, check in asap tomorrow.  Oh never mind, I’ll call you in the morning. 

Superbowl!!!!  Can we talk about what a kick azz game that was!!!  Wowsers!  I was happy to see the Giants win.  Not because I particularly like the Giants, but just because I think it would have been an incredibly boring end to the season for the Patriots to win it.  And we all know perfection is BORING.  Ask any supermodel.  Right?  Whatever. 

I had a fabulous class tonight.  I had to do a presentation/paper and it went great.  Amazing.   Now to catch up on sleep since I’m usually up late on Monday nights cramming for class the next night. 

On the bean front, I’m just over 15 weeks now!  Belly is growing!  I’ll post a belly pic soon.  Can’t wait to go back to the doctor on Valentine’s Day.  I wanna hear that lil’ heartbeat again.  I’m still not convinced there’s a bebe up in there.  🙂

G’night all.  Be safe.  I’ll be in the basement.

2 thoughts on “can you live-blog a tornado?

  1. Glad that last night’s over and all is safe and sound. I was in a restaurant and they kept telling us that we all might have to get into the freezer at a moment’s notice.:)
    Yay, Giants!

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