first belly pic!

You know sometimes you don’t know what you really look like until you see a picture of yourself and you think “who is THAT”?  I just had that feeling when I saw this picture on the screen.  This is me now, at 16 weeks.  A little scary I have to say.  I think I look bigger than I should at this point but what do I know?  It’s the shirt right?  I’m not weighing myself at home anymore and I’m nervous to see how much I’ve gained over the past 4 weeks since my last doctor’s appt.  And we won’t talk about how much of that is baby and how much of it is my natural chunk-a-monk gut curviness.


6 thoughts on “first belly pic!

  1. Now THAT’s a cute little bump. However, I think you’re right–it has to be the shirt. Horizontal stripes, you know :).

    P.S. Yay for you on being blogger-friendly now! Thanks for your kind words over at my place.

  2. Adorable baby bump. I’m so happy for you.

    I’ve been trying to convince a blogger to name their baby Mongo. Jon Hickman wouldn’t do it.
    You up for it?

  3. Thanks, I’m not sure how long it will remain a “cute baby bump” until it turns into a “monstrous baby mountain” but for now, I’ll take “cute”. 🙂

    And ‘coma, you DO know what my last name is right??? 🙂

  4. I happen to know the last name and I can’t sit up straight now for laughing so hard.
    Holly’s right though. Very cute.

  5. My comments seem to be self publishing lately…….I’ve got a ghost in my computer…..just finished reading Joe Hill’s “Heart Shaped Box”[he is Stephen King’s son] and it was a little creepy at times, it made me think of that when this thing just published itself!!!!!

    I was about to say I know you hate people rubbing or touching your tummy but what if they talk to it? The baby I mean.

    I am off now to see if I can get the part of my blog that was splogged onto another site removed. It has a nauseating pornographic video at the top of every page……yuk……. I mean what has quilting to do with porn? Also the site is a directory of anything that has magik in the title……what has that to do with porn? I emailed yesterday and will email everyday until I hear back and will take it further if necessary

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