welcome to my weekend

Ah, Saturday.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways… 

The Accountant took off for work earlier as he is prone to do on Saturdays this time of year.  Gotta love tax season.  It’s 9:00am and I’ve just woke up.  Or should I say, I’ve just got up.  I’ve been awake for a while but just laying in bed.  I love that time in the morning between waking up and physically getting out of bed.  I call it my “thinking time”.  I let my mind just wander around and around wherever it wants to go, thinking about the changes going on in my life, what I need to get done that day, the price of gasoline, how much I really want to paint our bedroom green, and whatever else.  It’s all very pleasant really, until my need to pee and Cooper’s incessant barking and/or whining force me out from under the covers and into the day. 

Once I finish here (which will probably be very soon as my butt is falling asleep) I’ll take the Coopster for a walk and play with him in the yard for a while.  Hopefully that will tire him out enough that he will let me make a good dent in the massiver amount of reading I have to do for class next week.  I must wade through endless pages of text on deconstruction.  I know you’re all very jealous.  I imagine this is going to take me most of the day and into the night and even then, will I be done?  Doubtful. 

After I’ve gotten all smart, I’m really hoping that I can spend tomorrow cleaning out the Bean’s room.  Right now it is crammed full of boxes of “stuff”, all mine of course.  Very important things, like scrapbooking and crafty type supplies, books, my writing, sentimental things I can’t bear to part with, stuffed animals, stationery, blah blah blah.  I’m attempting to do my own version of Clean Sweep and either throw it out, sell it or keep it in an organized fashion (which in my world means boxing it up and sending it to the basement).  It’s taken me months to make the little progress I’ve made.  I’m just not good at summoning up the motivation needed.  But if it doesn’t get done, poor Bean will be sleeping in a box instead of a crib.  And I know that once I get it done, The Accountant and I can actually go look at furniture and all the things you need for a new little one in the house.  After which we will probably both pass out from how expensive and overwhelming all that is going to be.  Yikes. 

A big hello to Scout and her friend, who were in my lovely little town last night to attend the TNT Middle School Basketball Tournaments.  Scout brought me the perfect t-shirt.  I’ll post a picture later but suffice it to say that it expresses my feelings exactly on many many days.  Just wish I could wear it to work.  The four of us managed to squeeze in dinner at the local Mexican restaurant before they headed off to see Dresden beat Waverly in what sounded like a very exciting game.  I wish I could have been there but I was just not feeling up to it.  They will be returning next weekend to cover the next round!  Go Lions!  By the way, you know you’re getting old when you wonder if you know any of the players on the team and then you realize that you probably went to school with their parents.  Again, yikes. 

Ok, the bum is officially numb now so I guess that means it’s Cooper-time.  Ta.

One thought on “welcome to my weekend

  1. Last night was great! Glad we got to meet up.
    “Her friend”? Ha. That’s funny.:)
    Good luck cleaning and with deconstruction, but please don’t put them together. That would be a complete disaster.
    See ya next week, buddy!

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