mary sunshine says take a hike

Some people continue to amaze me with their lack of thought.  Do they really think this is all there is to my life?  That I know no other people?  That I talk to no one else?  That I would even consider allowing what they assumed I would? 


6 thoughts on “mary sunshine says take a hike

  1. LeBlanc – Nah, go ahead and tick me off – all I’ll do is get really passive aggressive over here, that’s about it. Heh.
    It was less ticked than it was incredulous.
    And knowing me, I’ll delete this post sooner or later b/c of the risk involved in leaving it here. Thus my eternal quandary with this blogging thing. Seems I can only discuss “surface only” stuff unless I go completely anoynomous and what’s the fun in that? 🙂

  2. Private blog where your closest online buddies get to read your rants. LeBlanc hints at having one. I have one. That’s where we cuss and go off with our friends who give us some wicked advice that helps and they also heal us.
    Part of it, I’m afraid.
    And it helps.

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