week 17 doctor appointment

This was the first doctor’s appointment I have gone to so far where I didn’t have to get stuck with the needle of death and have vials of my lifeblood taken from me.  So a bit “woot” to that! 

I saw a different doctor this time, Dr. S.  They told me that my regular midwife lady was having surgery so I’d see Dr. S.  But I think they are going to start having me see a different person every visit at some point anyway so I will be somewhat familiar with all of the possible lucky folks who might be on call when it’s time for Bean to come on outta there. 

Dr. S was ok.  I can’t complain.  We listened to the heartbeat and it was determined that Bean was still in place.  The ka-thumps were at 140 bpm, which is apparently normal and good.  I was kicking myself because I forgot to ask how much weight I’d gained since the last time.  I didn’t even notice what the scale said, I was so oblivious and excited to lay on that table and listen to the ka-thumps.  I’m a complete ditz sometimes.  Most times. 

What I did remember to ask was if it was ok for me to have nitrous at my next dentist appointment.  I completely stumped Dr. S with that one.  He looked perplexed and said “ya know, nobody has ever asked me that question before”.  He had to look it up on his Magical Medical Computer and according to what he found, said it was ok.  He even wrote me a note to give the dentist in case they are hesitant  But honestly, I’m not sure if I feel good about that or not.  I haven’t been able to find out much information about getting nitrous while pregnant and I’m not positive I’m going to.  Anyone have any opinions or input on this subject?  I don’t want to endanger Bean just because of my tiny lil’ phobia of the Devil dentist.  So we’ll see.  Seems like I did read somewhere that they use nitrous in Britian during birth or some such?  I need to find that article and buy my plane tickets immediately ’cause I’m all about that!  I also asked Dr. S about flying at about week 29 to Baltimore.  I thought it was ok and it is.  Dangit.  Don’t ask.

The big news from the appointment is that on March 6 we will have the BIG ULTRASOUND and hopefully be able to find out the gender!!!  I’m gonna go ahead and call a boy right now so we’ll see.  I’m excited to know if we’re going to have a Baby Accountant or a Baby Finn so I can actually go buy some baby stuff of the appropriate cuteness.

Speaking of shopping, today I went to a local consignment store I just found out about (thanks D!) and I bought two maternity shirts for less than $12.00 total!  I am all about the bargain maternity clothes shopping.  What I really am hurtin’ for though are maternity pants and believe it or not, bras!  The undergarment situation must be remedied in the next few days or all blood will cease to circulate to my lower half due to constriction of the torso.  But you probably didn’t need to know that huh? 

4 thoughts on “week 17 doctor appointment

  1. Feeling less cranky now? [last post] You did not say what or who pissed you off…do they read this blog? Way to go on the maternity gear and all Bean’s stuff seems to be going great. Hope the dentist goes well….the usual soft drug for contractions is some kind of gas I guess you could google it to see…depends though about various stages of pregnancy. Why is your mood catty?

  2. Yeah, I’ll do some more research on the gas issue. No longer “catty”, need to change that I guess.
    March 6 – hurry!

  3. I’m going to agree with you… BOY. And regarding the Dentist, I’d just skip the appointment completely until after Bean is born! Signed, the queen of procrastination.

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