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welcome to my weekend

9 Feb

Ah, Saturday.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways… 

The Accountant took off for work earlier as he is prone to do on Saturdays this time of year.  Gotta love tax season.  It’s 9:00am and I’ve just woke up.  Or should I say, I’ve just got up.  I’ve been awake for a while but just laying in bed.  I love that time in the morning between waking up and physically getting out of bed.  I call it my “thinking time”.  I let my mind just wander around and around wherever it wants to go, thinking about the changes going on in my life, what I need to get done that day, the price of gasoline, how much I really want to paint our bedroom green, and whatever else.  It’s all very pleasant really, until my need to pee and Cooper’s incessant barking and/or whining force me out from under the covers and into the day. 

Once I finish here (which will probably be very soon as my butt is falling asleep) I’ll take the Coopster for a walk and play with him in the yard for a while.  Hopefully that will tire him out enough that he will let me make a good dent in the massiver amount of reading I have to do for class next week.  I must wade through endless pages of text on deconstruction.  I know you’re all very jealous.  I imagine this is going to take me most of the day and into the night and even then, will I be done?  Doubtful. 

After I’ve gotten all smart, I’m really hoping that I can spend tomorrow cleaning out the Bean’s room.  Right now it is crammed full of boxes of “stuff”, all mine of course.  Very important things, like scrapbooking and crafty type supplies, books, my writing, sentimental things I can’t bear to part with, stuffed animals, stationery, blah blah blah.  I’m attempting to do my own version of Clean Sweep and either throw it out, sell it or keep it in an organized fashion (which in my world means boxing it up and sending it to the basement).  It’s taken me months to make the little progress I’ve made.  I’m just not good at summoning up the motivation needed.  But if it doesn’t get done, poor Bean will be sleeping in a box instead of a crib.  And I know that once I get it done, The Accountant and I can actually go look at furniture and all the things you need for a new little one in the house.  After which we will probably both pass out from how expensive and overwhelming all that is going to be.  Yikes. 

A big hello to Scout and her friend, who were in my lovely little town last night to attend the TNT Middle School Basketball Tournaments.  Scout brought me the perfect t-shirt.  I’ll post a picture later but suffice it to say that it expresses my feelings exactly on many many days.  Just wish I could wear it to work.  The four of us managed to squeeze in dinner at the local Mexican restaurant before they headed off to see Dresden beat Waverly in what sounded like a very exciting game.  I wish I could have been there but I was just not feeling up to it.  They will be returning next weekend to cover the next round!  Go Lions!  By the way, you know you’re getting old when you wonder if you know any of the players on the team and then you realize that you probably went to school with their parents.  Again, yikes. 

Ok, the bum is officially numb now so I guess that means it’s Cooper-time.  Ta.

ditzy moment of the day

7 Feb

Sooooo, I’ll just say it, I’m an idiot. 

I’m reading an email from a friend and she’s telling me about the lunch she just had at Taco Bell (yes, we have the most interesting conversations of ALL time, don’t hate) and it’s making me hungry.  It is quite easy to make me hungry these days, just mention the word “Kroger” and watch my reaction. 

Anyway, so I look in my purse for my wallet which I’m hoping has enough change in it to buy at least one lil’ taco but wait, no, it can’t be….there is NO wallet in my purse.  Nice.  Now I remember leaving it on the bed when I got something out of it this morning and I didn’t pick it back up again.  No big deal right?  I mean, yeah, I drove all the way to work without my drivers license and I have no check card or money or any identification on my person, but who needs any of that anyway.  No one.  UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF GAS and had planned to fuel up on the way home!!!! 

Should I say it again?  I’m an idiot.  But luckily, I’m an idiot with a fabulous husband who has agreed to (if he doesn’t “accidently” forget me, j/k) come by my workplace on his way home and rescue his airhead of a wifey. 

The lady in the Honda Element driving down I-65 with her skirt hanging out the bottom of the door and her gas cap open?  That’s probably me. 

Campbell’s – are you reading?

7 Feb

I propose that Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup change its name to “Noodle Soup with Chicken Flavoring”, or “Noodle Soup with Three or Less Tiny Pieces of Chicken-Like Meat”. 

Regardless of Campbell’s shortcomings in the naming department, I still love that soup.  It’s just that I think they should improve their chicken to noodle ratio. 

I should really get paid for my helpful suggestions.

first belly pic!

7 Feb

You know sometimes you don’t know what you really look like until you see a picture of yourself and you think “who is THAT”?  I just had that feeling when I saw this picture on the screen.  This is me now, at 16 weeks.  A little scary I have to say.  I think I look bigger than I should at this point but what do I know?  It’s the shirt right?  I’m not weighing myself at home anymore and I’m nervous to see how much I’ve gained over the past 4 weeks since my last doctor’s appt.  And we won’t talk about how much of that is baby and how much of it is my natural chunk-a-monk gut curviness.


can you live-blog a tornado?

6 Feb

Ahhhhh!!!  These storms and tornadoes all over the place scare the poo outta me.  The Accountant and the dog are snoozing like well, babies.  How do they do that?  I’m glued to the tv with a flashlight, my cat and my cell phone by my side.  Two deaths in Huntingdon?  Did I just hear that right?  Or is it Huntersville?  Does TN even have a town called Huntersville?  Kids trapped in a dorm at Union University in Jackson?  Oh, they’re out ok now.  An explosion in Sumner County?  Search and rescue sent to Fairview?  Another bad set of weather heading this way too.  Looks like it’s right at my parent’s house about now.  Should I call?  No, that would freak them out I think.  Mom, check in asap tomorrow.  Oh never mind, I’ll call you in the morning. 

Superbowl!!!!  Can we talk about what a kick azz game that was!!!  Wowsers!  I was happy to see the Giants win.  Not because I particularly like the Giants, but just because I think it would have been an incredibly boring end to the season for the Patriots to win it.  And we all know perfection is BORING.  Ask any supermodel.  Right?  Whatever. 

I had a fabulous class tonight.  I had to do a presentation/paper and it went great.  Amazing.   Now to catch up on sleep since I’m usually up late on Monday nights cramming for class the next night. 

On the bean front, I’m just over 15 weeks now!  Belly is growing!  I’ll post a belly pic soon.  Can’t wait to go back to the doctor on Valentine’s Day.  I wanna hear that lil’ heartbeat again.  I’m still not convinced there’s a bebe up in there.  🙂

G’night all.  Be safe.  I’ll be in the basement.

a few complaints

1 Feb

What is the deal?  Is it the weather that’s making my beloved laptop run about as slow as a turtle on weed?  It’s almost annoying enough to make a girl close it up, open a real live book and do some homework.  Almost.

Take notes.  For the next five and a half months do not do the following things to me:

1. Say things like “oh you’ll see how it is”, or “you’ll understand someday” while rolling your eyes.  I know you are trying to impart your phenomenal parenting skilz to me but it really just makes me want to write on your face with a permanent marker.

2. Touch my belly.  I will either hit you in the mouth or rub your belly right back and we’ll see how you like it.

3. Tell me how I look like I’ve gained weight “all over”.  Because if you do I will say “I happen to be pregnant, what’s your excuse?” or “At least I’ll lose it in a few months but you’ll always be ugly”, or some such other mature and witty comeback.

4. Tell me about your horrible childbirth experience and how it is going to be the most painful thing in the universe.  I will show you pain after I’ve broken both your shins. 

That is all.


1 Feb

Please go show Scout and her family support during their ordeal.  I know how much she loves her gma and this has to be a very trying time for all of them.  Big cyber hugs to you, my friend.

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