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AI blip

27 Mar

I HATE the group sing-a-longs on American Idol.  How embarrassing!  This will be shown to humiliate them in front of their children later.  You know that rocker dude, David Cook is especially mortified.  I mean, the image man, think of the image.  I predict Ramiele is going home tonight. 

Update: Ok, so I was wrong. 

stolen meme

26 Mar

Ok, I’m stealing this meme that’s been going around because I’m tired of looking at my beer gut every time I click over here to post something only to draw a blank and go back to reading the American Idol homepage or some such.

You’re feeling: lazy
To your left: remote control
On your mind: that I need to change out the laundry
Last meal included: french fries
You sometimes find it hard to: focus
The weather: too fickle
Something you have a collection of: books and bad poetry
A smell that cheers you up: strawberries
A smell that can ruin your mood: stinky bradford pear trees
How long since you last shaved: umm, a few days, it’s getting harder to bend over…tmi?
The current state of your hair: flippy
The largest item on your desk right now (besides computer): a huge Sonic cup
Your skill with chopsticks: non-existant
Which section you head to first in the bookstore: currently pregnancy/parenting books, but before “the event” it was poetry/literature
And after that? magazines
Something you are craving: chocolate cake and pickles, not kidding
Your general thoughts on the presidential race: meh
How many times you’ve been hospitalized this year: none
A favorite place to go for quiet time: our deck
You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: teacher or psychiatrist
Something that freaks you out a little: Mr. Rogers
Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: junk food of all types
You have never: seen the west coast
You never want to: eat broccoli again

does this bean make me look fat?

21 Mar

Kidding, of course.  Here’s the latest on my expansion…


21 Mar

What about that stingray that killed the woman in Florida

Talk about bizarre.  You just never know do you? 

wanna play…

21 Mar

…catch up that is?  It seems that real life, including not enough sleep, have taken a lot of my time away from the “internets”.  Ah well, that’s just how it goes I guess. 

Basketball:  First of all, can we just say wow and congrats to the Belmont Bruins for what was apparently a great game against Duke tonight?  I somehow missed the game but tuned in at the last 2.7 seconds to see the heartbreaking end.  I’m kind of glad I didn’t see the game because I don’t think my nerves could have taken it.  Guess I’ll move on to rooting for Austin Peay and Vandy now.  You gotta love Tennessee basketball (and I’m not talking about just UT). 

School:  My semi-new role as grad student is continuing along just fine I think.  It’s both harder and easier than I thought it would be.  I make it harder than it has to be because in addition to OCD (see previous post), I also suffer from Procrastinitus. 

(You’ll have to excuse me, I’m somewhat majorly distracted by MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.  These kids are crazy athletic and talented.  And in about five million times better shape than I could ever dream of.)

But back to my Procrastinitus problem.  I can’t seem to operate unless I’m working under the pressure of a last minute deadline.  I’ve written four papers in about three hours the night before they are due.  And so far, this strategy has served me well because I’m doing quite well, if I do say so.  But it’s not helping my sleeping situation and I’m exhausted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and by the time I catch up on rest by about Saturday, it’s nearly time to start again with reading and assignments.  It’s been quite the eye-opening experience and I have learned a ton.  It’s so much more less structured than undergrad and really you can pretty much say whatever the heck you want as long as you back it up in some way.  There is no right or wrong answer which I’ve had to get used to since that’s not been my thing in the past with the business degree mindset.  It’s just a different perspective for me.  I’ll be done with this class at the end of next month and then it will be Bean time and I guess school will take a backseat for a while. 

Work:  Um yeah, not much to say about that since I don’t talk about that here.  I’ve more or less just been a body in a chair while my mind is elsewhere.  I get my work done, say the right things, do the right things and go home.  Priorities are changing and maternity leave is coming up.  And after that?  Who knows.  Everything is going to be different.

Bean:  I’m 22 weeks today and the belly is quickly expanding.  As is my butt I’m sure but I try not to look back there.  I’ll post a new belly pic this weekend.  She (cool that I can say “she” now) is moving a lot more now and the kicks or punches or kung fu, whatever she’s doing up in there are getting a lot stronger.  Probably one of the biggest bits of progress has been that The Accountant and I (mostly The Accountant) finally got the nursery cleaned out!!!  Every box, every craft supply, every book, every miscellaneous piece of paper is gone.  Either dying a much delayed death in the heart of a Glad trash bag or boxed up and moved into the basement.  The only thing left in there is a box of stuffed animals, a lullaby cd and cd player.  Oh, and the new ceiling fan that’s still in the box.  We also got some paint chips/cards/samples, whatever you call them, to see what color(s) we want to paint the room.  We’re looking at gender neutral colors so there will be no pink involved!  We’re looking at yellow, green or an earthy tan.  Also got a purple but I think that’s last on the list.  Ok, wow, this is boring isn’t it?  Kind of like reading about someone else’s dental work.  Ha.  I finally bought a few things for Bean today at Target, a cute sleeper thing (what are those things called?  the one piece things with the feet) and a dress.  A friend also bought her another sleeper and dress too!  (Thanks J!)  I also started our registry online even though I have no clue what in the world I’m doing.  But its fun so what the hay!

Cooper:  I think this blog is long overdue for a Cooper picture so maybe I’ll get around to that this weekend too.  He LOVED the snow we got the other week.  He’s getting so huge and is a super sweetie, if occasionally a trouble maker.  I’m sure one of our neighbors is wondering what happened to his leather sandal and some child down the street is missing their bottle of bubbles.  The thing is, Mr. Smart Dog is perfectly behaved and stays where he’s supposed to whenever me or The Accountant is in sight but as soon as we go in the house and let him do his own thing he goes no telling where and strange objects appear in our yard.  The Invisible Fence really is, invisible…

Ok, enough of this catching up stuff.  I will try to do better about posting more regularly.  Really. 

keeper of the greeting cards

15 Mar

Ouch, I just gave myself brain-freeze by eating a grape popsicle too fast.  Yeowsers.

So yeah, I know this blog has been sucking lately.  I’m just not very motivated to post regularly I guess.  Meh.  Just haven’t been into it.

Anywho.  I have OCD.  Or something.  Did you know that?  Last night I was in Walgreens looking at the greeting cards.  The “greeting card lady” from Hallmark or wherever had her little cart out and was putting new cards on the rack.  She was standing next to me when I spotted a card that looked interesting and picked it up.  But before I picked it up I noticed that it was in the wrong slot.  It was in the slot just above the one it belonged in.  I take the misplaced card out of it’s spot, read it and then I placed it in the slot where it belongs.  Like any decent card-loving person would do right?  The Hallmark lady behind me startles me and says dramatically “I will remember you for the rest of my life”.  I was like heheheh, nervous laugh and then she told me that she has never, not one time, seen anyone put an errant greeting card back in it’s rightful place and that I was the type of customer she always wanted to have.  Heeheheheh, continue Finn’s nervous laugh while slowly backing away….  No, I’m kidding, I was very nice to her and we had an entire conversation about misplaced greeting cards and her mostly deaf husband who kept replaying the Marvin Gaye singing card she gave him until he wore out the battery.  I also learned that Hallmark will be discontinuing it’s line of singing cards and that she can hardly keep the High School Musical one in stock. 

It was an interesting night at the local drug store.

ultrasound pics

10 Mar

This post is mostly for mom and a few select people I guess.  Not that anyone else is banned from reading, just you might be getting bored with all the baby talk and I completely realize that this blog is becoming “all Bean, all the time”.  Maybe I should start up another blog with just Bean stuff and leave this one to tell you about what I ate for breakfast or something?  I dunno. 

Anyway, here are a couple of the better ultrasound pictures.  Cute huh?  Or maybe just creepy?


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