keeper of the greeting cards

Ouch, I just gave myself brain-freeze by eating a grape popsicle too fast.  Yeowsers.

So yeah, I know this blog has been sucking lately.  I’m just not very motivated to post regularly I guess.  Meh.  Just haven’t been into it.

Anywho.  I have OCD.  Or something.  Did you know that?  Last night I was in Walgreens looking at the greeting cards.  The “greeting card lady” from Hallmark or wherever had her little cart out and was putting new cards on the rack.  She was standing next to me when I spotted a card that looked interesting and picked it up.  But before I picked it up I noticed that it was in the wrong slot.  It was in the slot just above the one it belonged in.  I take the misplaced card out of it’s spot, read it and then I placed it in the slot where it belongs.  Like any decent card-loving person would do right?  The Hallmark lady behind me startles me and says dramatically “I will remember you for the rest of my life”.  I was like heheheh, nervous laugh and then she told me that she has never, not one time, seen anyone put an errant greeting card back in it’s rightful place and that I was the type of customer she always wanted to have.  Heeheheheh, continue Finn’s nervous laugh while slowly backing away….  No, I’m kidding, I was very nice to her and we had an entire conversation about misplaced greeting cards and her mostly deaf husband who kept replaying the Marvin Gaye singing card she gave him until he wore out the battery.  I also learned that Hallmark will be discontinuing it’s line of singing cards and that she can hardly keep the High School Musical one in stock. 

It was an interesting night at the local drug store.

4 thoughts on “keeper of the greeting cards

  1. Cool! You never know who you’re gonna impress these days. And it could be over just about anything. Great story.:)
    Stinks about the music cards being discontinued, though.:(

  2. Of course, you have OCD. So does your mom. I want to put away every stray shopping cart in a store parking lot, plus throttle the lazy folks who don’t put them up. I straighten out card racks too. We can only hope these compulsions don’t extend to the next generation! Poor Bean!

  3. I love looking at greeting cards, but I hate talking to employees in stores. I know they’re bored, but it kind of wigs me out, especially those moments when you can’t escape from them.

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