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sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

26 Apr

And that’s what I feel like tonight.  So here we go. 

Just when you think MySpace is a waste of time it turns around and surprises you.  Over the past week I’ve reconnected with a couple of people I went to high school with and it’s pretty cool.  But bizarre and it makes me feel old because we are all in our 30s now and many of us have children.  And that is so messed up in my mind because it really doesn’t seem like we should be old enough to have progressed this far in life.  Time is going by too fast and I really need it to stop for a while and give me a minute to process just how old I am getting.  Yikes. 

Have you ever tried those Cinna Snacks at Sonic????  Holy cow!  I had them tonight and I thought I’d died and gone to sugar paradise.  Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite sweets and those lil’ bites of sugary goodness were just heavenly.  I could go on but you might think I was weird.  Just go try ’em. 

This weekend will be spent pulling together the Paper From Hell, as I have discussed here before.  There comes a point when you become severely apathetic to certain situations and I’m pretty much there.  But it will get done and I will present it next week and go on with my life, hopefully pulling a decent grade out of the class. 

Bean is moving a LOT lately and is growing.  Or at least I’m growing so I assume she is as well.  Next doctor appointment will be on May 8th and I’ll be partaking of that yummy delicious concoction that they make you drink for the gestational diabetes test.  Soooo not looking forward to that.  Remind me not to eat any Cinna Snacks before that appointment m’kay?  Next weekend we will hopefully finish our registry and maybe I’ll make some more progress in the nursery. 

I’m off to Baltimore in a week or so for a work thingy conference thingy.  Sort of looking forward to it and sort of not.  I actually have to co-speak at it with my boss so that’s a mite-bit stress inducing.   But hey, they can’t throw rotten tomatoes at a pregnant lady can they? 

Mr. Cooper has been such a bad doggie lately.  He’s been stealing the neighbors pots of flowers before she can get them planted.  He seems to have taken an unnatural liking to flower pots and after wreaking havoc on the dirt and flowers or bulbs inside, he takes the empty pot in his mouth and runs like a mad dog in circles with the pot on his lil’ brown head.  It’s really quite hilarious but after noticing that he’d stolen at least 3 of the neighbors pots, we decided we had to go apologize and offer to pay for the stolen goods.  Luckily, we have good neighbors and they were extremely kind and blew off Cooper’s antics with good humor.  We have vowed to always put Coop’s invisible fence collar on him whenever he goes out without us and to watch him better to avoid any more flower pot capers.  I’m not sure he gets it though because hubs told me this morning that Cooper had crossed the invisible fence line and refused to come back into the yard.  He must’ve got shocked going over and didn’t want to risk that again by coming back.  Is this what it’s going to be like to have teenagers I wonder? 


i can’t even think of a title for this

21 Apr

I’ve failed at many things but the only one that I know of that is documented is a blazing red “F” next to Accounting 1100 amidst all the As and Bs on my college transcript.  I’m actually a bit proud of that F because it was the source of a great lesson for me.  I received the failing grade and then woke up the next morning.  The world had not ended, the sky had not fallen and I still had all my teeth and hair.  It taught this annoying straight A earning, Valedictorian type not to take herself so dang seriously and that failing once in a while is good for the character.  And then I got smart again real quick and realized that I needed to marry an accountant.  And so I did.  🙂   I keed I keed.  That’s not why I married The Accountant of course, but do you sense the irony?

I’m not sure why I’m writing this except to try and keep a sense of perspective and not lose my head over this final paper that is sucking the life out of me right now and happens to make up 30% of my grade.   As I feared, the prof emailed me back and basically said “yep, I see that you are having trouble with this paper, call me”.  Not good people, not good.  I have one week to pull this together and I have no paper topic and no sense of what to pull out of my butt for a new one which seems to be the only solution at this point.  What to do?  I’m considering faking my own death, or at least hospitalization, blaming the Bean in some way, or simply disappearing from this particular college campus and not returning to the two class sessions I have left to attend.  Because running away is always the answer isn’t it?  Or at least sleeping until the problem goes away. 

Rock on.  Or not. 

Coming later this week – pictures of The Accountant on the Rroof.  No fiddle involved.

do straight jackets come in purple?

20 Apr

‘Cause I need one.  But I want it to be cute. 

It’s been a tumultuous week.  There’s been work craziness, house craziness and school craziness, all of which were made worse by my hormonal craziness.  I’m at my wit’s end with two of those things and it’s not the house.  I have been such a basket case it’s scary.  Apparently I don’t handle simultaneous stressful events very well and just want to crawl into bed and stay there for the next two weeks until the storms blow over.  (I’m digging the cliches tonight it seems.) 

Here’s a synopsis of two of the three.  Regarding the house craziness…We’re both really tired from a few major household projects.  Hubs more so than me probably because he did all the heavy work; I just have different reasons for being exhausted.  The Accountant finished painting Bean’s room and it looks great!  It’s a cheerful yellow and is super cute.  We also decided we wanted to get all the carpets cleaned throughout the whole house so hard-working Hubs moved furniture into every available non-carpeted space possible on Friday.  My wonderful father-in-law helped move the really heavy stuff and I moved books, knick knacks, etc.  The carpets were done just in time to move the furniture back inside from the deck before the rain started.  Whew.  And last but not least on the household front, once again, my dear hubs put Bean’s crib together today and it looks fab!  Check it out.  It’s weird to walk in that room now and see a crib.  The only other thing in the room so far is my grandmother’s glider and a couple of boxes of baby stuff we’ve accumulated.  Oh, and I think we’ve settled on a name for Bean so we can stop referring to her as a legume, but I’ll have to run it by the father-to-be to make sure I can post it here.  I don’t want to spill any secrets I’m not supposed to!

School craziness….Ugh, I don’t even want to go into this really.  Suffice it to say that I thought my paper topic was approved but apparently it wasn’t, or at least it needed to be revised drastically to be suitable.  So I revised it, sent it back and haven’t heard whether it’s a “go” or not.  But I don’t have time to wait on approval, I’ve got to go with it or I won’t have it done in time.  Lucky me has to have it completed a week earlier than everyone else because I will be in Baltimore for a work thing during the last week of classes.  Ahhhh, stress!  Anyway, I’m really nervous that prof is going to tell me on Monday that my abstract still sucks and I’ve got to revise again.  If that happens I will scream and throw things.  I’m not sure what the problem is.  I think I’m just not thinking along the same lines as prof, coupled with the fact that “pregnancy brain” has kicked into full force and I am more absent minded and have less focus and concentration than ever before.  

So that’s it folks.  I’m throwing myself a big party in two weeks when school is over and some work things pass (a whole ‘nother issue).  But don’t expect an invite because my idea of a party these days just involves me and a big bowl of ice cream.


16 Apr

I deserve a medal. 

Either that, or a big fat red sticker that reads “SUCKER” plastered solidly across my forehead. 

You pick.

body weirdness

12 Apr

Belly buttons are weird.  And mine is getting weirder by the day.

school stuff

12 Apr

Well it’s my favorite day of the week and I’m sitting at a round table in The Accountant’s office clacking around on an antique laptop while the TaxMaster does his magic on his fancy dual monitors and mumbles things like “where’s that idiot’s w-2” and “you can’t take that deduction!”, and other things I don’t comprehend. 

As for me, I’ve been doing some research online for this humongous mongo paper/presentation that is my very last project for my very first graduate class that will be over in 3 more weeks!  This project scares me a bit because it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to do a research paper this lengthy and extensive.  I was on the verge of panic a few days ago because I couldn’t for the life of me, think of a topic to write about that was in the confines of what the assignment called for.  But with some input from Scout and me finally kicking my brain into gear, I came up with something and it was thankfully approved as a “go”.  So now the real work begins and I will become a hermit and slave to the computer and perhaps a library or two for the next 3 weeks.  Fun times.

I can’t believe I’ve made it through (almost) my first class as an English major.  Maybe that’s a small milestone to some but if you’d asked me a year or more ago, I’d never have guessed I’d have attempted to return to the college classroom. I do have to ask myself though if this will be my first and last grad class due to da Bean’s arrival. I am not taking a class this summer and won’t be able to return until January of next year for the spring semester.  I have to fill out a Leave of Absence form because I will be so long between classes.  I hope to come back and keep going with this, but you never know how life is going to change and what will happen on down the road.  And with a new baby here in just 3 or so months, I am not even going to attempt to predict what my life is going to be like or what I’ll be doing in the future. 

In a way I like the unplanned-ness of that. But it’s scary too. 

little readers

12 Apr

Check out this OLD picture of me and my bro.  How many times do you think he got his lil’ head caught between the bars of that crib?  And aren’t my shoes great?!?!

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