sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

And that’s what I feel like tonight.  So here we go.  Just when you think MySpace is a waste of time it turns around and surprises you.  Over the past week I’ve reconnected with a couple of people I went to high school with and it’s pretty cool.  But bizarre and it makes me feel old because we are all in our 30s now and many of us have children.  … Continue reading sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

i can’t even think of a title for this

I’ve failed at many things but the only one that I know of that is documented is a blazing red “F” next to Accounting 1100 amidst all the As and Bs on my college transcript.  I’m actually a bit proud of that F because it was the source of a great lesson for me.  I received the failing grade and then woke up the next morning.  The world had … Continue reading i can’t even think of a title for this

do straight jackets come in purple?

‘Cause I need one.  But I want it to be cute.  It’s been a tumultuous week.  There’s been work craziness, house craziness and school craziness, all of which were made worse by my hormonal craziness.  I’m at my wit’s end with two of those things and it’s not the house.  I have been such a basket case it’s scary.  Apparently I don’t handle simultaneous stressful events very well and just … Continue reading do straight jackets come in purple?

school stuff

Well it’s my favorite day of the week and I’m sitting at a round table in The Accountant’s office clacking around on an antique laptop while the TaxMaster does his magic on his fancy dual monitors and mumbles things like “where’s that idiot’s w-2” and “you can’t take that deduction!”, and other things I don’t comprehend.  As for me, I’ve been doing some research online … Continue reading school stuff


I feel like doo.  Just so you know.  And I actually feel like I have lots to say but just no energy to say it.  Holly and Scout wrote posts I wanted to talk about but wow, I’m just drained.  Tired and have a bad cold.  My body just feels worn out.  Scout, SOOOOOO glad Dixie is going to be ok!!!!  Cooper sends get well … Continue reading ugh