do straight jackets come in purple?

'Cause I need one.  But I want it to be cute.  It's been a tumultuous week.  There's been work craziness, house craziness and school craziness, all of which were made worse by my hormonal craziness.  I'm at my wit's end with two of those things and it's not the house.  I have been such a basket case it's scary. ... Continue Reading →


I deserve a medal.  Either that, or a big fat red sticker that reads "SUCKER" plastered solidly across my forehead.  You pick.

school stuff

Well it's my favorite day of the week and I'm sitting at a round table in The Accountant's office clacking around on an antique laptop while the TaxMaster does his magic on his fancy dual monitors and mumbles things like "where's that idiot's w-2" and "you can't take that deduction!", and other things I don't... Continue Reading →

little readers

Check out this OLD picture of me and my bro.  How many times do you think he got his lil' head caught between the bars of that crib?  And aren't my shoes great?!?!

anyone wanna guess?

How much snot the human head can hold at any given time?  Seriously, I think I have gone through ten rolls of Charmin this week blowing crap outta my sinuses.  It is disgusting.  I bought a humidifier and some Breathe Right strips and that helps but ain't nothing gonna be as good as some heavy... Continue Reading →


I feel like doo.  Just so you know.  And I actually feel like I have lots to say but just no energy to say it.  Holly and Scout wrote posts I wanted to talk about but wow, I'm just drained.  Tired and have a bad cold.  My body just feels worn out.  Scout, SOOOOOO glad... Continue Reading →

calmed down

Ok, I'm calmer now.   As the day wore on things evened out a bit.  Just gotta get through class tonight and I might be back to my normal self.  Whatever that means. 

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