anyone wanna guess?

How much snot the human head can hold at any given time?  Seriously, I think I have gone through ten rolls of Charmin this week blowing crap outta my sinuses.  It is disgusting.  I bought a humidifier and some Breathe Right strips and that helps but ain’t nothing gonna be as good as some heavy duty meds which I am not allowed to take because of da Bean. 

And what’s up with the new WordPress dashboard thingy?  It’s got me all bumfuzzled.  Guess I’ll get used to it.

Dangit, just sneezed all over the keyboard.  Note to visitors: do not use Finn’s laptop, it’s germy. 

2 thoughts on “anyone wanna guess?

  1. Keep your sickness north of town please. Hope you get better. As far as WordPress, I hate the new dashboard. I am sure I will grow to like it, I just fear change. lol

  2. Good luck with your cold. They can certainly wear you down.
    Also, I was in the middle of a post Friday when the whole WordPress switch occurred. I lost it. Boo! I’m sure we’ll all adapt and get used to it, but for now. Boo!

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