I deserve a medal. 

Either that, or a big fat red sticker that reads “SUCKER” plastered solidly across my forehead. 

You pick.

3 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Okay. I pick the medal because you’re a supercool person who is wifey to The Accountant, mommy to Cooper and Bean and daughtery and sistery to your parents and BF. And in the day time you masquerade as the mild-mannered worker/student who must hide the superhero powers until you’re needed to rid the world of injustice and mean people.
    Now, why do we have the other option at all???:)

  2. Scout, ah, yes, I like superhero much better than sucker!

    Jas, it’s more like what I haven’t done. As in stay stuck in a rut for too long.

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