sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

And that’s what I feel like tonight.  So here we go. 

Just when you think MySpace is a waste of time it turns around and surprises you.  Over the past week I’ve reconnected with a couple of people I went to high school with and it’s pretty cool.  But bizarre and it makes me feel old because we are all in our 30s now and many of us have children.  And that is so messed up in my mind because it really doesn’t seem like we should be old enough to have progressed this far in life.  Time is going by too fast and I really need it to stop for a while and give me a minute to process just how old I am getting.  Yikes. 

Have you ever tried those Cinna Snacks at Sonic????  Holy cow!  I had them tonight and I thought I’d died and gone to sugar paradise.  Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite sweets and those lil’ bites of sugary goodness were just heavenly.  I could go on but you might think I was weird.  Just go try ’em. 

This weekend will be spent pulling together the Paper From Hell, as I have discussed here before.  There comes a point when you become severely apathetic to certain situations and I’m pretty much there.  But it will get done and I will present it next week and go on with my life, hopefully pulling a decent grade out of the class. 

Bean is moving a LOT lately and is growing.  Or at least I’m growing so I assume she is as well.  Next doctor appointment will be on May 8th and I’ll be partaking of that yummy delicious concoction that they make you drink for the gestational diabetes test.  Soooo not looking forward to that.  Remind me not to eat any Cinna Snacks before that appointment m’kay?  Next weekend we will hopefully finish our registry and maybe I’ll make some more progress in the nursery. 

I’m off to Baltimore in a week or so for a work thingy conference thingy.  Sort of looking forward to it and sort of not.  I actually have to co-speak at it with my boss so that’s a mite-bit stress inducing.   But hey, they can’t throw rotten tomatoes at a pregnant lady can they? 

Mr. Cooper has been such a bad doggie lately.  He’s been stealing the neighbors pots of flowers before she can get them planted.  He seems to have taken an unnatural liking to flower pots and after wreaking havoc on the dirt and flowers or bulbs inside, he takes the empty pot in his mouth and runs like a mad dog in circles with the pot on his lil’ brown head.  It’s really quite hilarious but after noticing that he’d stolen at least 3 of the neighbors pots, we decided we had to go apologize and offer to pay for the stolen goods.  Luckily, we have good neighbors and they were extremely kind and blew off Cooper’s antics with good humor.  We have vowed to always put Coop’s invisible fence collar on him whenever he goes out without us and to watch him better to avoid any more flower pot capers.  I’m not sure he gets it though because hubs told me this morning that Cooper had crossed the invisible fence line and refused to come back into the yard.  He must’ve got shocked going over and didn’t want to risk that again by coming back.  Is this what it’s going to be like to have teenagers I wonder? 


4 thoughts on “sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

  1. Good luck on your paper! Feel free to consult your blog friends if you need a good concluding paragraph or something. I’m sure we will craft some stunning turns of phrase for you. 🙂

    By the way, Cameron is still a big goofball, but he has calmed down a lot as he gets closer to 2 years.

  2. Glad you’ve been able to reconnect with some old friends. Doesn’t seem to happen often enough on myspace but when it does it’s downright heartwarming.
    Must try those Cinna Snacks. Sounds like they’d be good with coffee, but you don’t speak java.:)
    Hope the paper is going well. We’re all with you on it. You have a ready and willing support system any time you need it.:)

  3. The paper and presentation a done deal? Hope so! umm…speaking of processing the age thing, I was at the E. W. James checkout again, different girl, who asked if I got the senior discount. I said, well, when does it start? She said, oh, nevermind, I’ll give it to you anyway. I’m getting used to people thinking I’m a senior (I’m not, you know!!), and with the price of gas, I’ve about decided I’ll take a discount wherever and whenever I can get them!

  4. Myspace is a waste of time. I prefer face book for my soul-selling methods…

    Oh, I felt like ranting today. You might find it enjoyable.


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