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As the title says, it's a couple minutes shy of 4:00 am.  There is no work for me tomorrow so I should really be in the midst of a delicious dream right about now, perhaps involving some sort of tropical island, grand adventure or some such.  But the concept of a good night's sleep has... Continue Reading →

bean update

I'm sitting here watching my belly move.  It is the weirdest, most fascinating thing I've ever seen.  I'm hoping there's a human baby in there instead of an alien but right now my money is on alien.  It's just too bizarre.  And you know what else is bizarre?  The fact that my belly button is... Continue Reading →

note to self

Do NOT look at the Victoria's Secret catalog when your belly looks like this... And the VS model's bellies look like...well, you know...NOT like this... Those are VS pajama bottoms I have on by the way, but somehow the effect isn't the same...

Baltimore recap

I believe I mentioned a few posts ago that I was heading for Baltimore, MD for a work thing.  I've been back for a couple of weeks now but I thought I'd recap and share some poor quality cell phone pictures.  This trip involved a conference that I attend every year but this year they actually... Continue Reading →

still around

Wow, this blog has really gone into the crapper hasn't it?  I have been on Wordpress in so long that I nearly forgot my password.  A lot has been going on so I do have lots of things to talk about.  Right now I'm sending myself some fuzzy cell phone pictures of my trip to Baltimore from a... Continue Reading →


I am so behind on reading and commenting on you guy's blogs but will catch up soon, really!  I'm back from Baltimore, thank goodness.  Not all that impressed but it was ok.  May post more about it later, or not.  I'm just really glad to be home.  Flying while pregnant is NOT fun.  I don't... Continue Reading →


Is that how you spell "briefly"?  It looks funny. Paper done!  Hallejuah. I'll be in Baltimore for the next few days.  I'm tired.  And uncomfortable.  But very happy. See you guys later!

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