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from n’awlins to me

17 May

So my friend Scout went to New Orleans a few weeks ago and check out what I got in the mail from the home of the Saints and Jazz Fest….

Aren’t the shrimp beads the best?

still around

17 May

Wow, this blog has really gone into the crapper hasn’t it?  I have been on Wordpress in so long that I nearly forgot my password.  A lot has been going on so I do have lots of things to talk about.  Right now I’m sending myself some fuzzy cell phone pictures of my trip to Baltimore from a couple of weeks ago and will post any decent ones here.  And of course, there’s a Bean update and a school update and who knows what else.  I wanted to stop by and say that I am still around, just been extrememly busy and out of touch with internet land lately.  But I’ll be back soon!

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