Baltimore recap

I believe I mentioned a few posts ago that I was heading for Baltimore, MD for a work thing.  I’ve been back for a couple of weeks now but I thought I’d recap and share some poor quality cell phone pictures. 

This trip involved a conference that I attend every year but this year they actually asked my boss and I to speak at one of the break-out sessions.  Believe it or not, I’ve got everyone fooled at my job that I actually know what I’m doing and can speak about it at a national conference.  What a shister I am right?  It’s a learned skill yo. 

Flying while pregnant is NOT fun and I hope never to have to do it again.  My bladder lately has developed a mind of it’s own and when it’s gotta go, well, it’s gotta go.  So I strategically placed myself at the very back of the plane as close to the lavatory as possible.  And given this was Southwest, this was not an easy feat but I got lucky both flights and managed a seat in the back row each time.  Go me.  While my seating position was helpful, nothing but my mad contortionist skills could help me manuever my protruding belly in that 2 x 2 lavatory when I actually had to use it.  It was not pretty but I managed.  I felt a bit nauseous a couple of times but thankfully, didn’t have to use the barf bags.  A really weird thing happened on the descent into B’more though…I got this weird pain above my left eye like I had a bruise there or something and then it felt like there was hot burning liquid inside my head and it burned all the way down the side of my face.  I honestly thought I was going to have to use the line “is there a doctor on the plane?” but it finally subsided and I ended up with a headache for a couple of hours afterwards.  It was really painful and scary but it didn’t happen again on the way home thank goodness.

The conference overall was really good and our speaking engagement went very well. We got it over with the first day.  Woohoo! 

Baltimore is not exactly on my list of vacation destinations given it’s reputation as a high crime city, but we stayed in a nice enough area I guess.  Here’s some pictures of our “night on the town” on the Inner Harbor.


Harbor Place was within walking distance of our hotel and it reminded me a bit of Navy Pier in Chicago only not quite as cool.  There were lots of joggers and people walking dogs.  The weather was perfect and it was a relaxing evening but I was pretty beat after all the walking. 

All the touristy shops had a crab theme and of course, we had to eat seafood.  We went to M&S Grill and chowed down.  I’m not a shrimp person (the gristly texture totally grosses me out) or all that big on crustaceans in general so I went with the standard fish and chips, but my traveling companion had the crab soup and shrimp cocktail. 

It was a nice enough trip and we couldn’t have asked for better weather the entire time.  But as always, it was great to get home.  This was definitely my last long trip (by plane or car), until after Bean gets here. 

2 thoughts on “Baltimore recap

  1. Great recap! Just curious, though….did you get to go to the EAP house and museum?
    Especially glad that you’re okay and you got back home in one piece.:)

  2. Aw, no, didn’t get to do that – but that would be one reason I’d consider going back. Our days were too full and we only had one night free. And I wasn’t with the most literary-loving companion per say. 🙂

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