note to self

Do NOT look at the Victoria’s Secret catalog when your belly looks like this…

And the VS model’s bellies look like…well, you know…NOT like this…

Those are VS pajama bottoms I have on by the way, but somehow the effect isn’t the same…

6 thoughts on “note to self

  1. Thanks all. 🙂 Bless you ladies for saying those things. 🙂
    Holly – how’s your sis?
    Ginger – I’m 31 weeks so still a couple of months to go! Due July 24.

  2. My sister is doing great! I think she’s due about a week before you, but there’s been some debate the whole time about the due date, so you guys could end up in labor at the same time :).

  3. OHMYGAWD woman what are you talkin about… that’s the most adorable baby bump ever and YOU make the pants look awesome!

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