bean update

I’m sitting here watching my belly move.  It is the weirdest, most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen.  I’m hoping there’s a human baby in there instead of an alien but right now my money is on alien.  It’s just too bizarre.  And you know what else is bizarre?  The fact that my belly button is now off center by about 1/2 inch.  I tell the truth.  Pregnancy is such an odd thing. 

So…..we have a name picked out for Baby Girl Bean….unless something drastically changes (like baby girl bean comes out as a baby BOY bean), her name is going to be “Samantha Elizabeth”.  There’s no deep meaningful reason for the name, we just like it.  And we’re not really into the so-called “trendy” names.  As we have a very short last name, the long first and middle name works.  And did you catch the Bewitched connection?  We didn’t do that on purpose but it’s kind of interesting.  In case you’re having a slow brain day, Elizabeth Montgomery played the witch, Samantha on Bewitched during the late 60s/early 70s.  Perhaps fodder for cocktail party conversation in Samantha’s future.  Or not. 

So far I’ve been really lucky with this pregnancy.  I didn’t have hardly any morning sickness and am just enduring the regular uncomfortableness of needing help getting off the couch, I have quite the attractive waddle now rather than a walk and the various body changes that I will avoid discussing here (aren’t you glad?).  The only blip in my boring medical journey as a pregnant woman was that I “failed” the first glucose test and I had to go back and take the three hour one to see if I had gestational diabetes.  For the first test they give you a small cup of an orange flavored drink that you have to down quickly.  It tastes like a Sunkist but with five times the sugar.  I didn’t think it was too horrible.  After you drink it then you have to get your blood drawn and they do some magical medical thing to see how your body processes glucose.  Or something like that.  Here’s more information about how it works.  My such-and-such level came back elevated so I had to go back in and take the three hour test.  This involved a blood draw as soon as I got to the doctor’s office, then drinking a much larger amount of the orange drink and then three more blood draws, each one hour apart.  Not fun I tell you.  Especially when you have a phobia of needles like me.  I came away with two holes in each arm and a pretty bruise on one of them.  But it got me out of work for half a day and I made great progress on the book I was reading.  Luckily everything came back normal on that test so I don’t have gestational diabetes and I won’t have to go on a special diet or prick my finger a zillion times a day to check my sugar levels.  First thing I did after I found that out?  I ate a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, or three.  

We’ve taken a couple of classes at the hospital for parents-to-be, one on newborn care and another on breastfeeding.  The last class will be next month and it’s the childbirth one.  Yikes.  I think the newborn care class gave me more anxiety than I had before I went because there was so much information and things to remember and learn that it was a bit overwhelming.  But I guess you figure these things out as you go right?  I’ve never changed a diaper before and have never even held a newborn baby so I’m kind of freaking out about the basic stuff that I feel like I’m not going to be prepared for.  We practiced on dolls but really, I doubt that compares to a squirmy, screaming, stinky baby.  The breastfeeding class was great and I feel much better about being prepared for attempting that aspect of child care.  I dunno, we’ll see how it goes.  I can’t screw the kid up too badly can I? 

It’s way past my bedtime so I’m gonna hit the hay.  Tomorrow is our baby shower at my work so that should be a fun time.  You can’t go wrong with cake, cute baby stuff, and the promise of a three day weekend!  ‘Night.

6 thoughts on “bean update

  1. Hey Finn – I know what you mean about the belly button thing. I was looking at pregnancy related posts and came across yours. I’m 30 weeks (first time mum also with a girl) and my belly button is also asquiff in fact my whole bump appears off centre from my view. The other night I swear that I caught Baby K trying to escape around my side and trying to kick through to my back. I had the glucose test last week too, most boring 2 hrs of my life waiting between arm puncturings. Have fun at your baby shower, Gracie

  2. I love reading about your baby journey–it’s funny, fascinating, and beautiful. And I love the name! Cute and classic. You’re going to be a great mom–really.

  3. Hi Gracie, thanks for stopping by! Congrats to you! Have a name yet for baby girl? I had no idea the belly button thing would happen and it’s kind of freaking me out. And seeing my stomach move like that – bizarre. But cool.

    NC and Holly – thanks!

  4. Your baby progress is so cute! My boss is a little over five months pregnants and her belly has swollen to the size where it would appear she will give birth any day now. It’s kinda cool to see the progress. And I guess it’s lucky you havent really experienced any of the sucky side effects of pregnancy. Believe you me…it’s not pretty!

    As for the name…it’s beautiful, but I doubt anyone would get the connection to that classic show. Maybe you should choose something more modern…like Tila Tequilla. It’s what all the cool mommies are naming their daughters.

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