nursery pictures, etc.

I'll put some pictures of the nursery at the bottom of this post.  We think it turned out nice and it's a very bright and cheery room!  I had my 36 week doctor appointment yesterday and all is well.  Samantha's head is down and she's in position for the big day - whenever that might be.  Other... Continue Reading →

minor life annoyances

The main reason I use my checkcard to pay for gas at the pump is so I do NOT have to go inside.  It's a convenience thing.  Therefore, to whoever saw me kicking, cursing, and otherwise violating the gas pump at the BP Station yesterday morning it was simply because the screen was telling me to "Please See Attendant" for... Continue Reading →

Happy happy happy happy happy….

Haaaaaaapy Anniversary!!!  Are you considered an old married couple if you've been officially hitched together for NINE years???  Or does that not come until the big 1-0?  Either way, I'm happy to be an old married woman of 9 years today!!!  Big smooches to my Accountant!  Love you!

pathetic ain’t he?

Been a long day so this is all I got...a picture of Cooper looking pitiful because he can't come through the gate to play with the cat, Cartman. And this is what Carty thinks about me always posting photos of Cooper but none of the real master of the household.  Someday I will dig out the... Continue Reading →

Bean Update – 35 weeks

Or should I say Samantha update?  35 weeks as of yesterday.  Almost there folks!  I am so ready to get this kid outta my body!  It feels like I've been pregnant forever.  Tomorrow is our childbirth class and I'm a bit nervous about that.  I don't know if it is going to freak me out... Continue Reading →

FinnQuirk #218

You know how Newscoma has her "Autobiographical Pauses"?  I need a jazzy name like that for posts like this.  If you think of anything, pass it along and maybe I'll adopt it for my personal FinnQuirk ramblings.  Oh wait, maybe I just said it - "FinnQuirk"....I kinda dig it.  'Coma, mind if I steal your... Continue Reading →

hopscotch anyone?

Mucho construction is going on outside our front door.  We've lived in this house for almost 8 years and have always wanted to put in a sidewalk but we just never got around to it.  Until now.  The concrete is down and next comes the flagstone.  I'm excited to see the finished product!   


Hi guys.  I've been out of the blogworld lately and I've missed it.  Not that I have much to say but just rambling aimlessly does me good sometimes.  So let's get back to rambling shall we? We've had two baby showers in the last several weeks.  One at my work and one at church.  Both... Continue Reading →

i’m back ya’ll, honest

I don't want this blog to die but to keep that from happening, that means I have to actually post right?  For some reason, I just haven't been all that into writing much of anything lately.  And that's not because there hasn't been a lot going on around here, it's almost been too much really.  There's been a... Continue Reading →

The Daily Double

Me: I'll take "The Internets" for $600 please Alex." Alex: This site is dying a slow and agonizing death in cyberspace. Me: What is, this here blog, Finnspace.

and so…

Here I am once again.  Needing to go to bed because I can't seem to get enough sleep lately but also needing to get the laundry switched from washer to dryer so I have some pants to wear to work tomorrow. As usual, I have nothing of substance to say so will just ramble for... Continue Reading →

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