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nursery pictures, etc.

27 Jun

I’ll put some pictures of the nursery at the bottom of this post.  We think it turned out nice and it’s a very bright and cheery room! 

I had my 36 week doctor appointment yesterday and all is well.  Samantha’s head is down and she’s in position for the big day – whenever that might be.  Other than that, there are no signs she’s ready to come outta there and join us.  Fine by me.  I’m not ready.  I haven’t packed a hospital bag yet and the car seat isn’t in place.  Besides, I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready.  I don’t know what will change in regards to that within the next few weeks but I feel like I should have some grand epiphany or ah-ha moment where my brain says “yes, you are ready for this, both the physical part of labor/delivery and the years of caring for another human being”.  I’m waiting for lightning to strike or some other sign from above and it ain’t here yet ya’ll.

The childbirth class was really great last weekend.  We got a ton of info and the videos weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.  The only one I freaked out about was the c-section one and it wasn’t even a “live” one, just computer animated but wow, and OUCH.  My fear was that the class would freak me out more than it would help but it actually helped me feel better about the whole thing.  Not as good as a sign from above but still helpful.  I guess I can’t go by my “ignorance is bliss” motto on this one. 

My feet are now the size of footballs.  If they get much bigger I will need to purchase some clown size shoes to encase them in.  It’s not pretty.  The nurse practitioner told me to elevate them as much as possible, lay down for an hour immediately after getting home from work (I swear I am not making that one up just to get out of domestic duties) and to drink a lot of water.  Other than that, I just have to deal with sausages for feet and fingers that no longer bend at the knuckles without pain.  Even with all that, my blood pressure is great so I can’t complain too much.  Or at least you shouldn’t listen to me if I do.

Doctor appointments are now scheduled for once a week for the next three weeks and hopefully she will be here soon!  But not TOO soon!  🙂

minor life annoyances

27 Jun

The main reason I use my checkcard to pay for gas at the pump is so I do NOT have to go inside.  It’s a convenience thing.  Therefore, to whoever saw me kicking, cursing, and otherwise violating the gas pump at the BP Station yesterday morning it was simply because the screen was telling me to “Please See Attendant” for my receipt (which I need since I did in fact, use my check card and we try to keep up with such things).  As you know, the aforementioned attendant is stationed INSIDE the building, defeating the whole purpose of me using my checkcard in the first place. 

That is all.

Happy happy happy happy happy….

26 Jun

Haaaaaaapy Anniversary!!!  Are you considered an old married couple if you’ve been officially hitched together for NINE years???  Or does that not come until the big 1-0?  Either way, I’m happy to be an old married woman of 9 years today!!! 

Big smooches to my Accountant!  Love you!

pathetic ain’t he?

23 Jun

Been a long day so this is all I got…a picture of Cooper looking pitiful because he can’t come through the gate to play with the cat, Cartman.

And this is what Carty thinks about me always posting photos of Cooper but none of the real master of the household. 

Someday I will dig out the good digital camera instead of posting poor quality cell phone pictures. 

Bean Update – 35 weeks

21 Jun

Or should I say Samantha update? 

35 weeks as of yesterday.  Almost there folks!  I am so ready to get this kid outta my body!  It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever. 

Tomorrow is our childbirth class and I’m a bit nervous about that.  I don’t know if it is going to freak me out more than I already am or make me feel better because I’ll supposedly be armed with knowledge.  I’m the kind of person that sometimes needs to follow the “ignorance is bliss” motto so I am wary.  I think I’m most nervous about any videos they might feel the need to show us.  Whenever that stuff comes on the Discovery channel or TLC and I don’t cover my eyes in time, I feel sick to my stomach and just cringe.  I don’t understand why childbirth has to be such an agonizing process for a woman.  If it is indeed, because of Eve’s big screwup in the Garden of Eden, she had better grab her fig leaf and run because I know a lot of women who are ready to pummel her with bushels of rotten forbidden fruit when and if they see her.

There have been some positive things about being pregnant.  

I no longer have to feel self conscious about my belly fat because it’s now more of a “belly mountain” and it’s supposed to stick out!  Instead of wearing clothes to try and hide the jiggle, I can now wear clothes that accent the bump and be proud of my baby gut. 

In general, people are nicer to pregnant woman.  I had three men practically fall over themselves to open the door for me at the store the other day.  When I drop things, people can’t wait to pick them up for me.  People (especially women) seem to smile at me more too and seem a bit more polite and considerate than normal. 

Feeling baby girl move is quite amazing and I’ve actually been able to see my belly move in jerks and waves for several weeks now.  I’ve learned that when I drink cold water or anything carbonated, she gets wiggly. The Accountant has been able to feel and see her move several times and that is such a wonderful thing to experience together. 

Of course, there is also the negative to consider and I try to do so with humor if at all possible. 

When you consider what you did to become pregnant in the first place, the irony of the next nine plus months seems quite cruel.  I have never felt more un-sexy and unattractive in my entire life than I have over the past several months.  And this includes those awkward adolescent years so that’s saying something.  To the women who say they just “looooooved being pregnant” and never felt more sexy than when they were with child…I have a bushel or three of that rotten fruit saved just for you.  About the only thing more appealing about me physically these days is my fingernails and hair – it’s true about the hormones making nails stronger and hair look healthier.  But those strong fingernails are attached to ten of the chubbiest, most water logged, puffiest fingers you have ever seen.  I can’t even make a fist without wincing, I’m retaining so much fluid.  And my feet, same story.  Ankles, what are ankles?  Will I ever see them again? 

Sleep is elusive so I am tired all the dang time.  I have to sleep on my side and build a fort of pillows all around me.  This, along with the 5 pound protruding belly, make turning over quite the ordeal.  It is a process of moans, groans and grunts, followed by heavy sighs when I realize that I might as well get up and pee before turning over anyway.  When I finally do manage to roll myself out of bed I feel like I’ve been beat up.  Hips are aching and all joints are stiff and creaky. 

Getting around is becoming a joke.  I no longer walk, I waddle.  Getting out of the car requires a big push to the backside from The Accountant.  I waddle slowly and am easily winded.  It’s what I imagine an overweight duck or maybe a penguin must feel like. 

It’s been quite the journey so far.  I read a different perspective on pregnancy on a message board the other day.  It said that God knew what he was doing by making pregnancy so uncomfortable and last for so long.  It was because that by the time baby is ready to come out, we are so happy to get past this stage of being miserable that we welcome the pains of labor.  I don’t know if I fully buy that line of reasoning or not but it’s something to consider I guess.  Regardless of my complaints, I am so excited to be getting so close to meeting Samantha and am going to believe that all of this will be a distant memory and all be worth it once she’s here.  But when she gets to be a teenager and gives me any sort of grief, I’m going to show her this post and hope she feels guilty.  🙂




21 Jun

Looking much different today.  Still has to be cemented in place but the layout is there. 


FinnQuirk #218

21 Jun

You know how Newscoma has her “Autobiographical Pauses”?  I need a jazzy name like that for posts like this.  If you think of anything, pass it along and maybe I’ll adopt it for my personal FinnQuirk ramblings.  Oh wait, maybe I just said it – “FinnQuirk”….I kinda dig it.  ‘Coma, mind if I steal your numbering system?  

I did something stupid today.  And it stressed me out all day.  But as usual, The Accountant made me feel better about it.  I guess he’s used to my goof ups but it still bugged me.  And then, probably somewhat related to the stupid thing I did, I found out that a stranger that I’ve only talked to twice for less than five minutes sees me as a “passive person who has trouble saying no”.  The sad part about that is that it is true.  Apparently I’m so transparent that someone I don’t even know can classify me in that way in only a few minutes. 

I hate that about myself.  In my mind and in my journal I’m this bold, don’t mess with me, bad ass chick who doesn’t let anyone run her over or take advantage.  Then I go and do something that totally contradicts this self perception and is probably much closer to the “real me”.  Ugh, it’s very annoying and solidifies my theory that the way I see myself is not how I really come across to other people.  It’s like when you hear your voice on the answering machine or see a picture of yourself and you just can’t believe that’s what you really sound or look like.  But there’s no denying the evidence – you really DO have the thickest Southern accent known to man and you really ARE carrying around 20-30 more pounds than you thought you were.   

I think I’ve gotten better in the assertiveness department over the years but sometimes I do something that makes me want to kick myself for being so gullible, weak, and/or just plain not smart.  It’s something I need to work on. 

I’ve heard that when you have kids that you become more assertive because you want to do what’s best for your child and everyone else be damned.  That could be good for me.  We’ll see.

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