Hi guys.  I’ve been out of the blogworld lately and I’ve missed it.  Not that I have much to say but just rambling aimlessly does me good sometimes.  So let’s get back to rambling shall we?

We’ve had two baby showers in the last several weeks.  One at my work and one at church.  Both were lovely and I hope to have pictures to post eventually.  We received several things we needed (thanks so much to everyone!) and things seem to be falling together as far as the nursery goes.  But more about baby girl later.

Did I mention that we had a yard sale last Saturday?  Yep, we did.  Poor hubs did most of the work as I am becoming more and more useless in the manual labor category.  I did price most things and manned the sale all day.  We got rid of a ton of junk treasures and it was quite cleansing I must say.  I dropped the ball and missed the deadlines for advertising in the local papers though which probably hurt us but we had good signage and it turned out to be a success in spite of my neglectful marketing.  It helped a great deal that our neighbors are bargain hunters and proably bought about a third of the stuff before 7:00 am.  I somehow didn’t take any photos of the grand event so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 

I spent the first few days of last week at the hospital in Jackson.  My dad had an “episode” and was airlifted to Jackson with what they thought was a possible stroke.  It turned out not to be a stroke, thank goodness, but it scared us all to pieces.  The doctors still don’t know what is going on so I imagine several visits to the doctor are in his future.  He seems to be a medical mystery.  But for now all is well and we are very thankful for that.  It is a reminder that you can’t take one day for granted because you never know what will happen tomorrow.  Perspective is a good lesson to learn.

More later.  It’s my bedtime. 


2 thoughts on “stuff

  1. You had quite a turnaround of good and bad news last week. Here’s hoping this week will be totally good.

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