Happy happy happy happy happy….

Haaaaaaapy Anniversary!!!  Are you considered an old married couple if you’ve been officially hitched together for NINE years???  Or does that not come until the big 1-0?  Either way, I’m happy to be an old married woman of 9 years today!!! 

Big smooches to my Accountant!  Love you!

6 thoughts on “Happy happy happy happy happy….

  1. Good question. I will have been married to my bride for 8 years come August. We dated for 2 years before that. I don’t know but people around us seem to think we’re an old married couple, even though old seems kind of a harsh word 🙂 .

    Anyhow, congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Wow, congrats! It always wigs me out when people my age have been married so long. It’s wonderful. I just feel sorry for you that you had to deal with 9 years of church ladies asking when you’re having a baby. Congrats also on not having to deal with that anymore :).

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