nursery pictures, etc.

I’ll put some pictures of the nursery at the bottom of this post.  We think it turned out nice and it’s a very bright and cheery room! 

I had my 36 week doctor appointment yesterday and all is well.  Samantha’s head is down and she’s in position for the big day – whenever that might be.  Other than that, there are no signs she’s ready to come outta there and join us.  Fine by me.  I’m not ready.  I haven’t packed a hospital bag yet and the car seat isn’t in place.  Besides, I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready.  I don’t know what will change in regards to that within the next few weeks but I feel like I should have some grand epiphany or ah-ha moment where my brain says “yes, you are ready for this, both the physical part of labor/delivery and the years of caring for another human being”.  I’m waiting for lightning to strike or some other sign from above and it ain’t here yet ya’ll.

The childbirth class was really great last weekend.  We got a ton of info and the videos weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.  The only one I freaked out about was the c-section one and it wasn’t even a “live” one, just computer animated but wow, and OUCH.  My fear was that the class would freak me out more than it would help but it actually helped me feel better about the whole thing.  Not as good as a sign from above but still helpful.  I guess I can’t go by my “ignorance is bliss” motto on this one. 

My feet are now the size of footballs.  If they get much bigger I will need to purchase some clown size shoes to encase them in.  It’s not pretty.  The nurse practitioner told me to elevate them as much as possible, lay down for an hour immediately after getting home from work (I swear I am not making that one up just to get out of domestic duties) and to drink a lot of water.  Other than that, I just have to deal with sausages for feet and fingers that no longer bend at the knuckles without pain.  Even with all that, my blood pressure is great so I can’t complain too much.  Or at least you shouldn’t listen to me if I do.

Doctor appointments are now scheduled for once a week for the next three weeks and hopefully she will be here soon!  But not TOO soon!  🙂

7 thoughts on “nursery pictures, etc.

  1. Vewy vewy nice! Wittle Samantha should be vewy pweased wiff it.
    Hey, I’ll sleep on the floor and pay you rent!:)

  2. LOVE the nursery! I have no words of wisdom to offer re parenthood, but I do have a gut feeling you’re going to be amazing at being a mommy, for what it’s worth.

    P.S. My sister’s nursery isn’t the same, but they put big letters spelling M-A-R-L-E-Y over the baby’s bed, with the letters staggered just like you did! Small coincidence, but it makes me happy.

  3. Hey Jennifer,
    I love Samantha’s nursery! I have Evan spelled out in his room too. Now I have to find a place for Austin’s name. I can’t believe it is already almost time for Samantha to arrive. We should be getting Evan at the end of July or early August. I’ll come out and visit while I’m on leave if you’re feeling up to it. I love your website. Cindy

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