Pictures of Sami

Here are a few pictures...oh, but first, the stats...She was born on 7/24 at 8:46 am.  Weighed 8 lbs even and was 22.5 inches long.  I'm not making that up....WNBA here we come!  I'll give a better recap later but first, some photos...

She’s finally here!!

Samantha Elizabeth was born on her due date, and on her great-grandfather's birthday, July 24th at 8:46 am.  I can't believe we made it.  Pictures and details to come!  Thanks to everyone for thinking of us!  Hugs, Finn, The Accountant & Sami


My best friend got married yesterday!  We've known each other since junior high. I am so happy and excited for her but a bit bummed because I couldn't be a part of the wedding or even go to the ceremony.  The timing was all wonky.  I mean really, we're both in our early 30s and... Continue Reading →

a quick baby update

I had my 39 week doctor appointment today.  I'm finally dialated!  Although not very much at all (1.5 centimeters), I'll still take it.  I go back to the doc on my due date - the 24th - and if Sami hasn't made her entrance by then I'll be induced at some point the following week.  The... Continue Reading →

i hate mornings

Especially this morning.  I got up at least five times last night to pee and stretch my hips.  I'm also having some cramping sensations, not painful but not pleasant either.  So I am exhausted and plan on going back to bed momentarily.  On one of my many bathroom trips I noticed that the cat had... Continue Reading →

the most boring doctor’s appt ever

I'm thankful that my pregnancy has been relatively "boring" with no complications and whatnot.  I really am.  That said, today was the ultimate in boring appointments.  There's no further progress from last week and Sami's head still needs to drop some more, after which the doc told me I will begin experiencing "sharp stabbing pains... Continue Reading →

38 weeks!

Um yeah, so I have two weeks to go and it will be my due date!  I really can't believe we are THIS close to meeting baby Samantha.  I wonder what she'll look like?  I can't imagine.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 38 week visit but am behind in updating on... Continue Reading →

so much…

So much to do, so much to say, no time or energy to do either.  I have new belly pics, new Samantha info, new doggies pics, and new Ben & Jerry's flavors to try (my latest favorite is the Phish Food - holy moly!!!).  I'll catch up soon perhaps.  To quote Miss Scarlet O'Hara "tomorrow is another... Continue Reading →

the perfect day

I would say that today has been as close to a Perfect Day as I've had in a very long time.  The Accountant and I are both off of work due to the holiday (Happy 4th everyone!) and we had absolutely no plans.  No where to go, no household projects, no company expected, nada, nothing,... Continue Reading →

sidewalk is finished!

I just noticed that Ivy over at Shakyard linked to my previous sidewalk post.  I need to check my blogstats more often!  Thanks! Here is the finished product, landscaped by The Accountant and all.    

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