the perfect day

I would say that today has been as close to a Perfect Day as I’ve had in a very long time.  The Accountant and I are both off of work due to the holiday (Happy 4th everyone!) and we had absolutely no plans.  No where to go, no household projects, no company expected, nada, nothing, zilch.  In other words, heavenly.  I am usually one of those people who likes to go places and do things on the weekends since that’s the only time I have the energy for it but it seems the past several weekends have just been filled with too much.  We went to bed early last night and so were up by 7:00 today and with the exception of a quick trip to the grocery store, have just been lounging around the house watching tv or whatever.  Soooo nice!  We have no plans for any fireworks outings tonight either.  Although our neighbors usually have quite the fireworks show and I think if I position myself just so on the deck, I can watch those if I get the urge. 

So Happy 4th of July to all and I hope your day has been as near perfect as mine!  Mwah!

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