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the most boring doctor’s appt ever

10 Jul

I’m thankful that my pregnancy has been relatively “boring” with no complications and whatnot.  I really am.  That said, today was the ultimate in boring appointments.  There’s no further progress from last week and Sami’s head still needs to drop some more, after which the doc told me I will begin experiencing “sharp stabbing pains in the bladder area”, but not to worry because this is just baby “snuggling in” and this “is not labor”. 


38 weeks!

10 Jul

Um yeah, so I have two weeks to go and it will be my due date!  I really can’t believe we are THIS close to meeting baby Samantha.  I wonder what she’ll look like?  I can’t imagine.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 38 week visit but am behind in updating on what happened last week so I’ll do that now and give tomorrow’s update, well, tomorrow. 

So as of last Thursday, I am not dilated at all but am 70% effaced so there’s that.  The midwife guessed that Sami weighed 7.5 pounds which freaked me out.  I thought that sounded big so I asked how much baby might gain if I made it to the 24th (due date).  MW said that baby could gain 1/2 pound a week.  So I’m doing the math in my noggin and am thinking I’m going to have a 9 pounder!  Heaven help me.  The hospital I’m delivering at won’t let you go past your due date by more than a week so that was good to hear.  Her head is definitely low and I swear it feels like she is just gonna fall outta there at any minute. 

That’s basically it for now, maybe there will be some progress tomorrow at the doc’s office.  In the meantime, here’s some 37 week belly pics…


Tangent: Why do so many maternity shirts have horizontal stripes?  It’s not exactly slimming.  But maybe they’re thinking there’s no hope anyway, so just go with it? End tangent.

As far as how I feel…like crap to be perfectly honest.  Tired, fat, grumpy, cumbersome and just plain fugly.  And if one more person tells me that I look like I’m “about to pop”, I’m going to do just that – pop them right in the face!  I can’t believe how difficult it is to be at work all day at this stage either.  It’s a lot harder than I thought, mainly because my focus and concentration is completely gone and I am getting even more frustrated than usual with the mundaneness.  But surely to goodness I can make it for a couple more weeks.   

We checked out yet another day care and I’m going to put in our application to get on that waiting list tomorrow.  It is the most expensive one yet but whadaya gonna do?  The location is perfect and hopefully it would just be short term until our first choice has a spot for us. 

Oh, my bag is packed and waiting in the hallway but I think I should probably put it in my car.  Just in case.  🙂

our cute boy

10 Jul

How about a Wednesday Cooper fix?

remember that near “perfect day”…

10 Jul

…that I wrote about here?  It was short-lived.  Here’s a very brief description of how the following couple of days went…

1. The Accountant’s grandmother had a stroke and has been in the hospital.  She’s much better now and is nearly back to her old self.

2. Cooper either got bit by a snake or had a horrible reaction to his vaccinations.  His face swelled up to 3 times normal size.  Took him to the pet emergency clinic and they gave him meds.  Back to the regular vet the next day and he was much better. 

3. I am sure I gained ten pounds and consumed five pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  I have a feeling those two things are related in some mysterious way.

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