remember that near “perfect day”…

…that I wrote about here?  It was short-lived.  Here’s a very brief description of how the following couple of days went…

1. The Accountant’s grandmother had a stroke and has been in the hospital.  She’s much better now and is nearly back to her old self.

2. Cooper either got bit by a snake or had a horrible reaction to his vaccinations.  His face swelled up to 3 times normal size.  Took him to the pet emergency clinic and they gave him meds.  Back to the regular vet the next day and he was much better. 

3. I am sure I gained ten pounds and consumed five pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  I have a feeling those two things are related in some mysterious way.

3 thoughts on “remember that near “perfect day”…

  1. Poor Cooper. My dog is allergic to the distemper shot and does the same thing. We don’t get those any more, but our vet gives her meds before every rabies shot — just in case — and keeps her in the office a while afterward to make sure she doesn’t react. Looking forward to Samantha.

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