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i hate mornings

13 Jul

Especially this morning. 

I got up at least five times last night to pee and stretch my hips.  I’m also having some cramping sensations, not painful but not pleasant either.  So I am exhausted and plan on going back to bed momentarily. 

On one of my many bathroom trips I noticed that the cat had tipped over his litter box and peed on the carpet.  Hubs was a sport and cleaned it up and is out getting more litter and a lower/smaller pan right now because we are out of litter and this has happened before.  Cat is just too dang fat and when he steps on the side of the pan, it turns right over. 

Our newspaper is unreadable as it is soaking wet for the second day in a row because the delivery person is too lazy to put it in our box, which we purchased from the newspaper specifically for that purpose.  You’d think they would have enough sense to realize it’s gonna get wet when it is pouring down rain but they throw it in the driveway anyhow.

Newsflash: next Thursday we are due to have a baby.   Gulp.

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