how to amuse a pregnant lady

It has been a very nice weekend, albeit a very uncomfortable one.  I am in a much better frame of mind than I was when I threw down that last post for some reason.  Maybe because I know that no matter what, I only have to drag my aching body into work for three more days at the most.  Samantha can stay in there forever but I am taking maternity leave starting this Thursday regardless.  Although, I would not be surprised if baby Sami fell right out and onto the floor at any moment, that’s what I feel like.  If only it were that easy right?

My good buddy Scout and my bro made the trip to play Santa in July and brought me several baby goodies, gifts and clothes from folks back home.  Those two kids even brought pink iced sugar cookies and Doritoes!  They know me so well!  It really was like Christmas around here.  Mom had packed up some of my and/or my bro’s old baby clothes and a stuffed giraffe she made eons ago that I had completely forgotten about until I pulled it out of the bag.  Isn’t it great?  It’s so cool to be able to hand down things you used as a baby to your own child.  I wore the shirt and here’s the giraffe…

Very 1970s eh?

Seems like there are brand new babies everywhere…Lil’ Miss Marley (oh how I adore that name!) and Lola (another fantabulous name choice!) made recent arrivals.  I guess my little one is going to hold out until the last possible minute.  I know I’m not overdue yet but it’s a bit frustrating because everyone I know has gone early or have been having contractions for ages but I got nothin’.  Among other things, I tried the Mexican food thing last night but no dice.  I’m not even sure if I’ve been having Braxton Hicks or not, I think so but I’m not sure. Maybe that means it will happen all of a sudden and go quickly?  Hey, I can dream can’t I?   

It’s interesting though because the longer I go, the funnier people are.  Or maybe it’s just me.  Here’s an amusing example from yesterday.  The Accountant and I went to the hospital to visit his grandmother and I was waiting in the main lobby while he parked the car.  A hospital employee was also in the lobby and she looked at me and said

“Are you ok?”

I was a bit puzzled (do I look that bad?) but just smiled and said I was fine, thanks.

She responded,

“Are you going to Labor & Delivery?”

I laughed and said,

“I wish, but not today I guess.”

She just smiled and told me that she worked in L&D and was going to offer to take me up to the unit with her! 

What could I say except “thank you very much but I guess I’m not quite ready yet”! 

People I don’t know freak out a bit now when they ask when I’m due and I say – “Thursday, or any minute now”.   Their eyes widen and they say things like “oh goodness” and warily back away while suspiciously eyeing my bulging tummy.  It’s quite entertaining.  People I do know just say “you still haven’t had that baby yet”.  Well, no, can’t say that I have.  Funny stuff. 

I have to find amusement in these things or I’ll go crazy.

8 thoughts on “how to amuse a pregnant lady

  1. Hurry up Samantha, we are all anxious to see you! Especially your mommy and daddy. And make sure they call Grandma T when you arrive.

  2. Your brother and I were very happy to play Santa yesterday. We’re always happy to see you, The Accountant and Cooper and we’re, of course, overcome with happiness in anticipation of Sami’s arrival. She has acquired quite a skew of fans.:)

  3. So cute, all of it. And my sister got SO tired of people saying “you’re still here?!” or “you haven’t had that baby yet?!” Her time came, though, and so will yours. I can’t WAIT to hear about it.

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