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worthless purchase

29 Aug

That would be the baby monitor.  If Sami is in her crib that means she is crying.  It’s a given.  Pick her up and there is blessed silence.  For those who say “let her cry it out” I have a question for you.  For how long do you let her do that?  Because I have no doubt that this kid could go for hours and I’m not going to let her do that.  To me, thirty minutes is a long time to let her cry and I’ve done that.  Trust me, she doesn’t stop.  How am I supposed to do anything except feed her, hold her, clean her and cuddle her all day?  Or maybe I’m not supposed to do anything else?

mccain’s choice?

29 Aug

I rarely discuss politics here but I have to say that I was taken aback by McCain’s choice for VP.  Not sure what I think about that yet, but right now I’m just surprised.  Not what I was expecting at all.

I watched most of Obama’s speech last night.  Whatever you think about him, it was a historic moment. 

Let me vent for one second…Someone sent me one of those annoying emails yesterday and it wasn’t even one of those cute or funny ones.  It was telling me to pray that the “evil Obama” did not get elected.  Seriously?  This email went on for several paragraphs and annoyed the poo out of me.  Don’t assume you know my political leanings because of where I attend church services.  And besides that, don’t push your views on me which is exactly how I felt when I got that tacky email.  Ugh.

Ok, seriously, can I not even type two sentences without a baby screaming bloody murder in this house?  Sheesh.  I promise her diaper is clean and she just ate.

random non-baby stuff

25 Aug

I have developed some allergy issues over the last few days.  My nose is all stuffy/runny/sneezy so I’m walking around with tissues stuffed everywhere just like my grandma does.  You never know when you’ll need a tissue.

I’m sad the Olympics are over.  Guess now instead of all-Olympics-all-the-time it’s going to be all-politics-all-the-time on tv until the election is over.  And unlike the Olympics, I will be glad when those games are over.  Although I’m a bit more into it this year since it hasn’t been the stereotypical candidates this time around. 

The producers of The Price is Right must get the audience hyped up on speed or something.  Those people are crazy!  Like wild, caveman, heathen examples of the human race.  I do like Drew Carey on that show though. 

I’m not so patiently waiting for my new cell phone to arrive via Fed Ex either today or tomorrow.  I am wearing out the tracking site hoping to see it say “out for delivery” but no luck so far. 

The Pursuit of Happyiness came in the mail the other day.  Gotta love Netflix.  I’m sure it will make me cry like, well, a baby, right?  If I can figure out how to work our crazy dvd player thingy I might watch it today.  Is it sad that I am very askeered to even attempt to watch a movie?  Probably, but if you could see how many electronic boxes we have under the tv that do who knows what, then you’d get it.  There’s something called a receiver, the Playstation/BluRay Player, DVR box, etc.  Ok, so there’s only three mysterious boxes but still.  And then there’s the remote control situation…I have to figure out exactly what buttons to push to get it on the right setting blah blah blah.  I think I’ll wait for The Accountant to give me detailed instructions tonight and I’ll just write it down.  I’ve had bad experiences when I try this on my own.  🙂

Yeah wow this is random.

momentous events…to me anyway

25 Aug

It’s 3:30 in the morning and I just changed and fed Sami and got her back to sleep.  Which means that I should be sleeping myself but it’s nice and quiet at this hour with everyone, even the dog, sleeping but me.  I’m eating tortilla chips and drinking a Sunkist.  Since I don’t have to go to work tomorrow I can blog at 3:30 am while drinking orange soda and eating chips without guilt you know.

Tonight has been a better night compared to Saturday.  Sami had a tummy ache or was just extra fussy for some reason so I didn’t sleep much at all and got up Sunday morning all fuzzy and aching and with that feverish feeling I always get from not enough rest.  I turned the baby over to The Accountant and went back to bed until just before 3 in the afternoon.  Yeah, my sleep/wake patterns are all whacked up I know.

A couple of momentous events in our lives….Sami and I had our first outing alone last week.  As in without anyone accompanying us.  We went to my office to turn in some paperwork that had to be in that day.  It took about 2 hours to get both of us ready and gather all the junk you have to take with you when you have a baby along.  I was a bit nervous about working and carrying the car seat but I did ok and Sami did great, sleeping all the way to Nashville and most of the time we were at the office.  She was a hit with my coworkers of course. 

Momentous event number two that only The Accountant and I care about but I’m posting anyway – Sami’s umbilical cord stump finally fell off after over a month.  The pediatrician told me to call her if it hadn’t came off after 4 weeks so I’m glad it finally decided to dislodge.  Which means Sami will get her first real bath (instead of a sponge bath) in a couple of days.  Woohoo.  I finally get to use that cute bathtub I bought! 

Later taters.

beauty sleep

20 Aug

my day and the Olympics

18 Aug

Hiya.  Soooo, how’ve you been?  I seem to be a bit preoccupied lately and the chances of me being able to finish this post and actually publish it are about 5%.  But we will try and there is always that handy Drafts feature.

Things are still crazy around here but now that I know life is just going to be plain crazy from now on I can handle it better.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that a shower is a luxury and being able to sit down and eat a meal uninterrupted is just plain impossible.  But it’s all good. 

Now, let’s talk about b00bs shall we?  I’m attempting this nursing thing and we’ve about figured it out.  Sort of.  I don’t want to go into details about the process because

…….Ok, so it’s now 24 hours later and I knew I wouldn’t get this post finished in one sitting. 

Now where was I…oh yeah, b00bs.  But now I’m out of the mood to talk about that so let’s not.  Except to say that I feel like a cow.  A very sore cow.  ‘Nuff said.

The Accountant went back to work today so I was on my own for pretty much the first time since Sami was born.  It was a bit scary but everything went ok.  Here’s my day…feed baby, hold baby, get baby to fall asleep, attempt to put baby in crib, pick up baby when she screams bloody murder because I’m not holding her, try to pump b00bs while holding baby, keep dog from giving baby a bath with his tongue, change poopy diaper, change pee pee diaper, let dog out to pee/poop, swaddle baby, wash bottles, freeze milk, repeat in random order. 

The Olympics…I’ve had the TV tuned to the games 24/7 and here are some random observations.  Right now some crazy trampoline event is on.  Is that a sport????  Guess so.  They have names for the moves and everything.  That just seems odd.  And it’s making me dizzy. How do they stop themselves from catapulting out the window when it’s time for their routine to be over?  The whole Michael Phelps thing was amazing.  I can’t imagine the pressure he was under to get gold in all his races and the fact that he did that is just sheer craziness.  My fav events are gymnastics and track and field.  Jamaica sure knows how to breed some runners don’t they?  That Bolt guy is a phenom.  There was some messed up stuff going on with the gymnastics scoring I thought.  Here’s the thing about beach volleyball…Misty May-Treanor and Kerrie Walsh are the cutest things and definitely those girls are great athletes.  But did I see bikini-clad cheerleaders on the sidelines or was that my imagination?  Do they cheer at the men’s matches too?  Is that bizarre or is it just me?  And why do the girls wear bikinis and the guys are fully clothed with shirts on and everything?  What’s up with that?  The commentators make me feel old though.  There are a couple of gymnasts who are in their late-20s/early 30s and the announcer people are like “oh my, so and so is 28 years old…isn’t that amazing that they can even run down the floor without a wheelchair?”…and of course there’s Dara Torres, the 41 year old swimmer…they are going crazy that she is so “old” and a mom (GASP) and is still able to compete in the games without wearing one of those skirt bathing suits. 

Anyway, I love the Olympics.  Always have and am always sad when they’re over.  And if they ever have a diaper changing event I’m a shoo-in for the Gold medal.


15 Aug

you know those women who run off to Mexico or Canada or somewhere never to be heard from again?  Or the ones who go crazy and end up in the insane asylum? 

i totally get that now.

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