worthless purchase

That would be the baby monitor.  If Sami is in her crib that means she is crying.  It's a given.  Pick her up and there is blessed silence.  For those who say "let her cry it out" I have a question for you.  For how long do you let her do that?  Because I have... Continue Reading →

random non-baby stuff

I have developed some allergy issues over the last few days.  My nose is all stuffy/runny/sneezy so I'm walking around with tissues stuffed everywhere just like my grandma does.  You never know when you'll need a tissue. I'm sad the Olympics are over.  Guess now instead of all-Olympics-all-the-time it's going to be all-politics-all-the-time on tv... Continue Reading →

my day and the Olympics

Hiya.  Soooo, how've you been?  I seem to be a bit preoccupied lately and the chances of me being able to finish this post and actually publish it are about 5%.  But we will try and there is always that handy Drafts feature. Things are still crazy around here but now that I know life... Continue Reading →


you know those women who run off to Mexico or Canada or somewhere never to be heard from again?  Or the ones who go crazy and end up in the insane asylum?  i totally get that now.

here i am

Hi gang.  I'm finally back.  Thanks to Scout for posting my whereabouts.  Lightning from last week's storms struck the pole where the internet magically resides and it took forever to get the cable folks out here to fix it.  Much to talk about but I have to tend to the bebe right now so I will post... Continue Reading →


Um, yeah, so this parenting thing....it's freakin' hard.  We're up to our eyeballs in pee, poop and new baby cuteness.  Which also means we're running low on energy and sleep.  I'm behind on pretty much everything, my blog reading, laundry, etc.  But Sami is a doll and makes the cutest expressions.  She's like this little... Continue Reading →

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