Um, yeah, so this parenting thing….it’s freakin’ hard.  We’re up to our eyeballs in pee, poop and new baby cuteness.  Which also means we’re running low on energy and sleep.  I’m behind on pretty much everything, my blog reading, laundry, etc.  But Sami is a doll and makes the cutest expressions.  She’s like this little ball of cuteness you just wanna smother with kisses and coo at all day.  I haven’t been around many babies but I think overall she’s a good baby.  She loves to be held and seems to have a sixth sense for when I lay her down in her crib and then try to go to bed myself.  Then the crying begins. 

I was going to post the whole birth story thing but I really don’t want to relive that here.  Or anywhere.  Suffice it to say that childbirth was the most painful, worst experience ever.  Don’t get me wrong, Sami being here is the biggest blessing and reward for going through all that but seriously people, is all that pain really necessary?  Contractions started Wednesday at 2:30 am, I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday evening and baby got here on Thursday morning.  (I think that’s right, my days have been all mixed up since the big event.) I pushed for three and a half hours; the longest hours of my life.  I’m recovering nicely however but wow, that was some crazy pain.  You know the movie “Men In Black” and that light stick thingy that Tommy Lee Jones uses to erase people’s memories?  That gadget must exist somewhere and it is being used on mommies everywhere after they have their first child.  Otherwise no one would have a second kiddo. 

Eventually we will get back to our regularly scheduled blogging and this won’t be All Baby All the Time.  But until then….

9 thoughts on “whew

  1. I hope it somehow helps to know that everything you are experiencing is totally and completely normal!!! It’s hard, you’re exhausted, no sleep (at least I didn’t get any!), and you might be having some baby blues just about now. All normal.

    It’ll get easier.

    Do not hesitate to ask for help. 🙂

  2. Augh, she is gorgeous! Did you do natural childbirth? After watching my sister have back labor, I’m not at all sure a C-section is such a bad idea :).

  3. Congrats. Sami is beautiful and she told me when I was there that you guys are the best parents she could have asked for…which hopefully makes the sleepless nights a little bit easier to tolerate. Hugs to you.

  4. Gingersnaps is right, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Rest helps keeps the “baby blues” to a minimum. I wished someone had told me that after my first but I was too busy trying to be “supermom” already. I can’t emphasize enought to rest, rest, rest while you can. I am so glad you have a very helpful and understanding hubby. Take full advantage of him while you can (sorry son).

    Sami looks like she has grown already. I see she seems to be taking the paci now. Great!

  5. I’m so glad someone is honest how painful childbirth is.. Exactly the reason I plan on not doing it. 🙂 I’ll adopt. There are enough of those kids around, right? Either way, Sami is one supercute little darling.. Congratulations and I hope she gives you some rest! 🙂

  6. Jeez, I am so behind, but congratulations! She is precious!

    And good choice in names (Elizabeth) – it’s my first name! 🙂

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