momentous events…to me anyway

It’s 3:30 in the morning and I just changed and fed Sami and got her back to sleep.  Which means that I should be sleeping myself but it’s nice and quiet at this hour with everyone, even the dog, sleeping but me.  I’m eating tortilla chips and drinking a Sunkist.  Since I don’t have to go to work tomorrow I can blog at 3:30 am while drinking orange soda and eating chips without guilt you know.

Tonight has been a better night compared to Saturday.  Sami had a tummy ache or was just extra fussy for some reason so I didn’t sleep much at all and got up Sunday morning all fuzzy and aching and with that feverish feeling I always get from not enough rest.  I turned the baby over to The Accountant and went back to bed until just before 3 in the afternoon.  Yeah, my sleep/wake patterns are all whacked up I know.

A couple of momentous events in our lives….Sami and I had our first outing alone last week.  As in without anyone accompanying us.  We went to my office to turn in some paperwork that had to be in that day.  It took about 2 hours to get both of us ready and gather all the junk you have to take with you when you have a baby along.  I was a bit nervous about working and carrying the car seat but I did ok and Sami did great, sleeping all the way to Nashville and most of the time we were at the office.  She was a hit with my coworkers of course. 

Momentous event number two that only The Accountant and I care about but I’m posting anyway – Sami’s umbilical cord stump finally fell off after over a month.  The pediatrician told me to call her if it hadn’t came off after 4 weeks so I’m glad it finally decided to dislodge.  Which means Sami will get her first real bath (instead of a sponge bath) in a couple of days.  Woohoo.  I finally get to use that cute bathtub I bought! 

Later taters.

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