mccain’s choice?

I rarely discuss politics here but I have to say that I was taken aback by McCain’s choice for VP.  Not sure what I think about that yet, but right now I’m just surprised.  Not what I was expecting at all.

I watched most of Obama’s speech last night.  Whatever you think about him, it was a historic moment. 

Let me vent for one second…Someone sent me one of those annoying emails yesterday and it wasn’t even one of those cute or funny ones.  It was telling me to pray that the “evil Obama” did not get elected.  Seriously?  This email went on for several paragraphs and annoyed the poo out of me.  Don’t assume you know my political leanings because of where I attend church services.  And besides that, don’t push your views on me which is exactly how I felt when I got that tacky email.  Ugh.

Ok, seriously, can I not even type two sentences without a baby screaming bloody murder in this house?  Sheesh.  I promise her diaper is clean and she just ate.

2 thoughts on “mccain’s choice?

  1. I get those same e-mails from my two aunts. Initially, I just deleted them, but now I’ve taken to responding with this simple line,”I guess I’ll cancel out your vote.”

    Hope this helps since I definitely have no baby advice. HA

  2. Wow. Really? I don’t know why I’m surprised but I am. That sort of thing is just ridiculous.

    And I too am surprised at McCain’s choice, but, just like every other politician (including Obama) there is an ulterior motive for his choices.

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