worthless purchase

That would be the baby monitor.  If Sami is in her crib that means she is crying.  It’s a given.  Pick her up and there is blessed silence.  For those who say “let her cry it out” I have a question for you.  For how long do you let her do that?  Because I have no doubt that this kid could go for hours and I’m not going to let her do that.  To me, thirty minutes is a long time to let her cry and I’ve done that.  Trust me, she doesn’t stop.  How am I supposed to do anything except feed her, hold her, clean her and cuddle her all day?  Or maybe I’m not supposed to do anything else?

8 thoughts on “worthless purchase

  1. Gosh, I wish I knew the right thing to say on this. Whatever I choose to say will come out sounding immature, so I may as well just go ahead because I’m certainly no expert concerning this matter and most likely never will be. But coming from a person who still cringes and wants to either tape mouths shut or knock them over the head when babies cry (sounds terrible, but I have to be honest)because they seem to pick the best times to just let loose (in church or other quiet events), I know the seemingly infinite crying will surely subside eventually. Whoa. Gotta catch my breath. That’s a whole lotta words and a buttload of adverbs.
    In conclusion 🙂 I know Sami will get better, but unfortunately, it will be on Sami’s time and not Mommy Finn’s time. By the way, you may not know it, but over the course of a few months you’ve made a very anti-baby person fall in love with and learn to appreciate a very special baby. Thanks. And hopefully, judging from my above explanation, I won’t turn out to be a terrible mom if I ever decide to be one.:)
    Let me know if I can ever do anything.
    Ugh. Sorry so long.:(

  2. Now you understand when someone asked a woman if she works “outside” the home.  So when do you go back to work?Seriously though, it is hard work and no perfect answers.  I would suggest that you try to continue to put her in her bed when she is awake.  She has probably gotten use to falling asleep in your arms and expects to still be there when she awakes.  How you accomplish this is the first question and how long to let her cry is the other. I made this mistake with my first one and she ended up sleeping in our bed until she was one.  They need to learn to go to sleep by themselves.  Someone once suggested crying was how babies tired themselves out, don’t know if this is true.  Of course ask your pediatrician for suggestions. Good luck.

  3. You have a marvelous sense of humor about all this (but yes, I can tell you are frustrated and very serious too). I’m sorry that grandma does not live closer cause she (I) would certainly help out more if I did. I agree with Grandma T–just keep putting her down. I don’t know how long to let her cry. You were also a crier, and I could rarely let it go on for more than 30 minutes, often only 15, but you have to use your own judgment; asking the pediatrician is a good idea too. I’ll come up in another week or so! But then I’ll probably spoil her worse.

  4. Grandpa also sends the encouraging words that “they do grow out of it.” Take heart!

  5. For how long do you let them cry it out? Til you can’t stand it. That’s not very scientific and all but that was sorta my philosophy.

    They DO come out of the womb pretty smart though and they seem to come out knowing “Hey, if I do this long enough, she will appear and give me what I want. Do I care that she’s tired? No, of course not. It is all about me!” (My soon-to-be-15 year old baby girl still practices this often)

    I wish I were kidding about that. HA.

  6. I pretty much agree with what everyone else says. Just keep doing putting her in the crib. If you can’t stand the crying, pick her up. Sometimes it takes a while. I made the mistake of rocking my kid to sleep at night. It was years before he went to bed on his own. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You do what feels right to you.

  7. Thanks for the advice ya’ll. She has actually slept in her crib a couple of times since I posted this. I know it will get better with time (I hope).

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