my dog is a democrat

Guess I know who Cooper's voting for.  The neighbors put out a McCain/Palin sign and Cooper is growling and barking at it like its an ax murderer coming after us.  I'd be laughing harder if he didn't keep waking the baby.

guess it’s my turn

This has been quite a nice day in spite of the fact that I've come down with a sore throat and runny nose.  But I am a firm believer in drugging yourself up as much as possible until the illness gives up and goes away so that's my strategy for the next few days.  Sam... Continue Reading →


I'm sitting here watching the Titans win their second game with Collins at the helm while waiting on the inevitable screech from Sami's room.  Go Titans!  Go Sami!  Not. Last night was not good.  She slept just great as long as I held her but as soon as she was put in her crib or even... Continue Reading →

how do i bring sexy back?

You know those women who claim to love their new post-childbirth-bodies?  The ones who expound on the beauty and utility of their new boobs and maintain that they have embraced their stretchmarks as some honorable "badge of motherhood"? I am not one of those women.  And those women are obviously lying.  I'm just sayin'. I agree with these... Continue Reading →


Something very alarming is happening to me.  And I'm not sure if any amount of medical treatment can stop the madness. In the line at the grocery store the other day for example.  Instead of buying Cosmo or Marie Claire, I bought a Family Circle.  What the heck?  Instead of MTV, I'm becoming sucked into the imaginary... Continue Reading →


Haven't felt much liking posting lately.  Everytime I sign on my brain goes all mushy and blank and all I can think of to write about is something about Sami, how many loads of laundry I washed but didn't fold, the fugly grandfather clock some guy named Maurice won on The Price Is Right today, or... Continue Reading →

big 3-0

I'm a bit late on this but there are still 3 hours left in the day so it's all good. Happy Birthday to my lil' brudder.  He turns 30 today and I hope he handles it better than I did.  I think he will.  Love you bro!  Great to see you yesterday even though I wouldn't... Continue Reading →


If you are walking along and happen to spot two very engorged bOObies lying on the ground writhing in pain, they are mine.  Please do not return them to me as I do not want them back.  Ever.

6 week mark

Sami is six weeks old today!  We've made it this far without going 100% crazy so I guess we will be ok.  She is becoming more animated and making different noises and faces.  There are a few smiles too. The six week mark also means that my maternity leave is officially halfway over.  Please pass... Continue Reading →


Not of the MTV sort.  I'm talkin' baby cribs.  As an update to my last post about Sami's sleeping problems and to redeem baby girl a little bit, I must say that Sami's daddy managed to get her to sleep in her crib a couple of times since then.  Eventually we will get there I guess. ... Continue Reading →


The Accountant captured the antics of some lazy WalMart shopper the other day....notice where this car is parked, directly in FRONT of the cart return!  Presumably to get as close as possible to the front door.  The Accountant even asked the lady if she was afraid her car would get hit and she just laughed... Continue Reading →

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