6 week mark

Sami is six weeks old today!  We’ve made it this far without going 100% crazy so I guess we will be ok.  She is becoming more animated and making different noises and faces.  There are a few smiles too.

The six week mark also means that my maternity leave is officially halfway over.  Please pass the tissues while I sob uncontrollably will ya?  No seriously, I have decided that I don’t want to stay at home full time but working part time would be the shizz.  Or at least something I’d like to try.  Who do I need to speak to about this?  Anyone?  Bueller? Bueller?

So far today has been a really good day although I am a bit more tired than usual, if that is even possible.  I was thinking the other day that before Sami got here I thought I could not possibly operate or function as a decent member of society on less than 5 or 6 hours of sleep.  But over the past several weeks I’ve been operating on much less than that and seem to be doing ok once I get woken up.  Sami wakes every 3 hours or so for food and diaper changes.  I assume she’s eating the right amount, not really sure about this.  I just give her whatever she’ll take and assume she knows what she’s doing.  She’s only projectile vomited a few times which I suspect was due to overfeeding but who knows.  Next doctor appt is at 2 months, Sept 25. 

Breastfeeding…not so much.  I did it up till now but hated pretty much every minute of it.  Therefore I am stopping.  There are many reasons that I won’t go into but let’s just say that this house will be a more pleasant place to live in once the milk is dried up and gone away and the boobs are not causing me excruciating pain. 

Last night was Sami’s first excursion to church.  I was apprehensive about it but it went very well.  She was a model child until she started fussing at the end and I took her to the nursery for a change and feeding.  I think she liked the singing actually. 

The other day I went with my friend Donita to get a pedicure.  It was soooo nice to have girl time and come away with purty toes.  I really need to get out more these days.  It’s been a difficult adjustment for me and I just sometimes get into a funk where I don’t want to see anyone and barricading myself in the house is not good.  Of course, I’ve had this problem before baby but that’s a whole ‘nother post.  Anyway, Donita brings such a positive vibe to life and is always great at cheering me up.  Go check out her blog and her cutie-patootie, Amelia! 

….As usual, this post got interrupted mid-stream, causing me to enter into Rambling Territory and besides, it’s 4:30 in the morning.  So I will stop the madness and go back to bed before I start talking about traveling gnomes or something.  Peace out.

5 thoughts on “6 week mark

  1. We love Sami :).

    And you’ve lasted a lot longer than my sister at nursing. By the way, here’s her new blog address: http://marleysmama08.blogspot.com/. I don’t think she’s going to keep it updated too often (she has a few other things to do), but you two should be blogfriends since you gave birth to the two cutest babies in the blogosphere a few days apart :).

  2. And you lasted longer at breastfeeding than my daughter did. Like I’ve said, it ain’t for everybody. But the great news is she even got some lasting benefits from the time you did do it. So congratulations, you did more than others. Sounds like you are doing a great job so far being a mom. I would like to keep her one afternoon, evening, day or whatever so you and the accountant can have some time out. And now that she is taking a bottle you can do that easier. I will be contacting you via email.

  3. Ginger, I know, time flies!

    Holly, I checked out you sis’s blog and left a comment. Marley is so cute!!!

    Grandma T, Thanks! It’s hard not to feel like a big fat failure but wow, I was so miserable that it trumped the guilt. We will welcome the babysitting offer for sure. 🙂

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