books ‘n books ‘n books

While looking through all the blog templates on WordPress and fidgeting with the format I noticed that I have a tiny little section called “Currently Reading” that I haven’t updated in oh, at least a year.  Mainly because for the past year or so I’ve been reading several pregnancy/childbirth/parenting books all at the same time and didn’t feel the need to share.  Now I have the urge to … Continue reading books ‘n books ‘n books


So, lets try this new layout for a while shall we?  It may not last a week, or even a day, but I was just getting bored with the old one.  One thing I don’t particularly like about this one is how narrow it makes the column.  My other choice was Dusk so you may come here later and see goodness knows what.  More later… Continue reading hmmmm…

honky ponky tonky

don’t ask me what that title means, it just came to me.  yeah, i’m a bucket o’ laughs when i’m in need of sleep.  i promise i’m not intoxicated, just tired.  anywho.  so i’m bored with my blog template but i also really like this one.  so go ahead and take 2 seconds and take my poll below.  i’m diggin’ the new poll feature on … Continue reading honky ponky tonky

shoulda coulda woulda

I should stop eating these cheesy puffs. I should stop watching football and go to bed. I should iron The Accountant a shirt for tomorrow.  I should go run the dishwasher. But I won’t. HAHAHAHAHAHA….The Accountant is watching the Titans game and he just huffed and puffed and said “I’d pull my hair out if I had any”.  Why did that crack me up so much?  … Continue reading shoulda coulda woulda

and so it goes

Not really much to write about lately that you haven’t heard before.  My latest baby adventure involved the rice cereal/formula mixture (doctor’s orders, not my idea) not coming out of the bottle nipple and a mad dash to Target to buy formula and bottles and mixing them in the parking lot.  Meanwhile my baby girl is screaming her head off at daycare because she hadn’t … Continue reading and so it goes

various and sundry

Everyone watch SNL tonight?  I thought the Palin skits were hilarious.  Most of the others, not so much.  So yeah, I’m back at work.  Woot.  I’m so out of it.  No focus, lack of concentration, no motivation, out of the loop, office drama.  Blah blah blah.  I wish Sam didn’t have to be at daycare so much.  The caregivers are going to be with her more than … Continue reading various and sundry

hello internets, i got a flu shot

I’ve been in an unusually chipper mood today and have been riding a very strange surge of energy that’s had me doing housework (gasp) and still raring to go at nearly midnight.  I will probably regret this in the morning but for now, I’m good.  I don’t know what is going on with me and it’s not even a full moon or anything.  Maybe it’s … Continue reading hello internets, i got a flu shot