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hello internets, i got a flu shot

4 Oct

I’ve been in an unusually chipper mood today and have been riding a very strange surge of energy that’s had me doing housework (gasp) and still raring to go at nearly midnight.  I will probably regret this in the morning but for now, I’m good.  I don’t know what is going on with me and it’s not even a full moon or anything.  Maybe it’s those magic pills I’ve been taking.  Gotta be. 

Yesterday was a first for me.  I got a flu shot.  The pediatrician told us we should since Sam is too young for one.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that one of my many phobias is that of needles.  The thought of bloodwork or shots sends me into a cold sweat and makes my stomach churn.  And the fact that we were going to get the shots at the local Kroger store didn’t help my nerves any.  I was picturing standing in line at the check out and having a pimply 15 year old bag boy shove a contaminated needle in my arm just before mumbling something about if I need any help out with my groceries.  It didn’t go down like that of course and the very competent man in a white coat at the pharmacy was an expert at distraction by asking a question and jabbing me just as I was having to think about the answer.  Sneaky dude.  

And now me and my sore arm are going to bed.  G’night.

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