what happened?

What happened to the weekend?  They all seem to get away from me and before I know it, it’s Sunday night and I’m scrabbling to get ready for Monday morning and all that entails.  Me no likey.

As fast as it went, this weekend was quite nice.  I got a haircut Saturday morning.  Nothing drastic, just a trim.  I managed to early vote and that went quite smoothly.   There was a bit of a line but it moved quickly.  I was disappointed they weren’t giving out “I Voted” stickers this year, or at least I missed them if they were.  But regardless, I still got that warm, fuzzy, patriotic feeling I always get when I vote.  After voting I went to the local Goodwill and browsed a bit.  Almost witnessed a catfight which would have been cool.  I heard a peroxide blond lady say “do you have a problem with me?”  Then another lady down the aisle said “Apparently I do.  I said excuse me.”  Peroxide lady then says “And I said OK.  We can take this outside if you want”.  Other lady said “no” but she kept mumbling under her breathe.  All this in front of peroxide lady’s kid who was sitting in her cart.  Classy I tell ya.

We snagged a babysitter for Saturday night and The Accountant and I headed to The Chop House in Hendersonville for some yummy red meat and then hit the local Barnes & Noble since we were feeling all intellectual and finally, on to Target because we were out of soap.  Sam did fine at our friend’s house (or at least that’s what she told me, hopefully she wasn’t just saying that to be nice). 

Eh, not much else to report.  The World Series is on my telly right now and wow, it bores me.  I never could get into baseball.  I’m pumped for Monday Night Football tomorrow though! 

I suppose I should get to bed even though it’s still really early.  Sam has been asleep since 7:00 so I’m sure she will be up in a couple of hours.  I think we need to try to adjust her bedtime but how do you do that?  It would just be super nice if she’d go to be a bit later so she’d sleep a bit later.  But I guess that will come someday maybe.  Or perhaps I’m the one who should adjust my sleeping schedule.  Oh wait, I already have.  Baby rules the household after all.


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