honky ponky tonky

don’t ask me what that title means, it just came to me.  yeah, i’m a bucket o’ laughs when i’m in need of sleep.  i promise i’m not intoxicated, just tired.  anywho.  so i’m bored with my blog template but i also really like this one.  so go ahead and take 2 seconds and take my poll below.  i’m diggin’ the new poll feature on … Continue reading honky ponky tonky

shoulda coulda woulda

I should stop eating these cheesy puffs. I should stop watching football and go to bed. I should iron The Accountant a shirt for tomorrow.  I should go run the dishwasher. But I won’t. HAHAHAHAHAHA….The Accountant is watching the Titans game and he just huffed and puffed and said “I’d pull my hair out if I had any”.  Why did that crack me up so much?  … Continue reading shoulda coulda woulda