honky ponky tonky

don’t ask me what that title means, it just came to me.  yeah, i’m a bucket o’ laughs when i’m in need of sleep.  i promise i’m not intoxicated, just tired.  anywho.  so i’m bored with my blog template but i also really like this one.  so go ahead and take 2 seconds and take my poll below.  i’m diggin’ the new poll feature on wordpress by the way.  i may be asking you guys all kinds of questions to pick your smarty smarty brains.  so anyway, should i change the blog look or not?  i’m one of those people who wastes a lot of time looking at different myspace layouts and changing things up every once in a while.  i looked at the wordpress ones last night and just couldn’t commit.  go ahead and say it, i need a life. now stop reading this drivel and go take my poll.  it’s much more fun than those presidential ones.

One thought on “honky ponky tonky

  1. I think it is good to change stuff up every once in awhile. I am considering doing mine again. I am afraid of the poll feature…afraid that I may be the only one to vote. Very brave you are.

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