shoulda coulda woulda

I should stop eating these cheesy puffs. I should stop watching football and go to bed. I should iron The Accountant a shirt for tomorrow.  I should go run the dishwasher. But I won’t.

HAHAHAHAHAHA….The Accountant is watching the Titans game and he just huffed and puffed and said “I’d pull my hair out if I had any”.  Why did that crack me up so much?  Because I’m tired that’s why.  You had to be there. 

This is totally random but I’m in a random state of mind.  I am restless and bored and irritated and all kinds of things I can’t describe.  And hyped up on iced tea and cheetos.  I have a meeting tomorrow that I dread very much. It’s one of those where you have to be “on” and nod your head at all the right times and act all enthused and motivated when all you really want to do is roll your eyes and shake the other person for being so dang perky. I have become an expert at faking my way through the workday so I guess it will just be more of the same tomorrow.  Woohoo.

Why can’t my Titans get this going? 

I have nothing to say can you tell?  Hubs and I had an interesting, if not depressing conversation today at lunch about happy people vs discontented people and if you are one way can you ever change and be the other way?  Can a “glass half empty” person ever turn into a “glass half full” person?  Hubs says either you’re happy diggin’ ditches or you’re unhappy diggin’ ditches.  I thought that was an interesting way to put it.  I’m not sure how I feel about that but the subject intrigues me.  If I ever figure it out I’ll let you in on it um’kay?

Ok, I’m delirious.  Back to the game….

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