bliggity bliggity blue

If I ever need to search for a particular post by title I am totally screwed ain’t I? 

It’s been a drama filled week working for The Man and I won’t go into it here because I try to stay away from that stuff as much as possible on this here blog.  But wow, I really just wanna lay it all out on the internets and rant like the dickens.  Suffice it to say that it is not good and I continue to search for a solution.  Pffffttt.

On to brighter things…Halloween is on everyone’s mind and people keep asking me if we’re dressing up baby girl.  The answer is not really although she will be wearing a cute Halloween onsie and orange/white striped pants.  I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow.  If we were going anywhere I might consider dressing her up.  I did see the cutest little pea pod costume at Target today.  And a super cute sock monkey one too.  But I think we are just going to stay home and hand out candy.  We usually get about 20 to 30 trick-or-treaters.  This year they are getting Skittles, Starbursts and M&Ms – if I don’t eat it all before tomorrow night.  Today someone came in my office and said “wow, your office smells like fruit”.  I assured them it was not in fact the aroma of a healthy apple or banana, but Skittles instead. 

Looking forward to the Halloween episode of The Office tonight while I sit on the couch and eat a corn dog or two.  Adios.

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