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I've made a few changes to my little place on the internet.  The Blogroll is now it's own page.  It was taking up too much of the sidebar so I've cleaned it up a bit.  Please let me know if you want to be added to the blogroll or if you want me to remove... Continue Reading →

happy puppy

Doesn't Cooper look like he's having fun? Maybe he should be a canine male model because I think he's got that over-the-shoulder pose down pat. At Beaman Park...

quiet saturday

Is it a beautiful day outside or what?  I love fall.  We had a very quiet Halloween.  No trick-or-treaters.  Probably because all the lights were off and our house didn't look very welcoming.  Someone wasn't in the spirit of the evening.  I am excited for next year though when Sam will be older and can... Continue Reading →

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