plug your ears

I am going to have to keep ear plugs in my glovebox for anyone who happens to be riding with me when I go pick up Sam from day care.  We’ve been lucky that she doesn’t seem to mind her car seat too much but she does go through spells when she cries for a while until we get going down the road.  Then she’ll cry if we have to stop at a light or in traffic and then stop when we get moving again.  Today when I picked her up she didn’t care if we were stopped or going full speed, she was screaming either way.  This lasted for several minutes until I decided to sing her favorite song to try and get her to quiet down.  Of course she couldn’t hear me for her own screaming so I started screaming too.  Not at her, but to her.  Have you ever heard someone who cannot sing a note desperately yelling the words to “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” at the top of her lungs?  It is not pleasant.  Of course I didn’t stop with “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”.  Next came all the songs I could remember from vacation bible school – Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, If You’re Happy and You Know It and on and on.  Then I moved on to The Sound of Music and tried “Do A Deer, A Female Deer” etc.  It worked.  Sam was either soothed or shocked to sleep.  I’m talented, what can I say? Or more likely she was faking so I’d shut up.

2 thoughts on “plug your ears

  1. I am so sorry! Amelia went through the same thing, it’s not fun. But I have some toys that Amelia has grown out of that helped us for a while in the car…I’ll bring them to church.

  2. M’kay. Then it’s a wonderful thing I don’t see you or ride with you often because I don’t think I could imagine a worse scenario than little Sam screamin’ her head off and me getting a terrible case of road rage and screaming at all the “stupid” drivers. It worked out wonderfully that we don’t live near each other, doncha think?:)

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