what she said

I was trying to think of something eloquent and meaningful to say about the historic events of last night.  But as usual, when I try too hard my brain decides to pick that very moment to go on vacation to Tahiti so I’m left completely blank.

Then I read Danielle’s post and thought, “that’s what I mean to say”.  So instead of me saying it again, please just go here and read her excellent post on the whole business

Today I’ve heard stories of hate coming from people who can’t see past Obama’s race to even begin to see what a historic and meaningful thing that has just happened in our country.  At a stoplight today on the way to work I saw a van with multiple bumper stickers that were so full of bigotry and closed-mindedness that I was ashamed and disgusted to even live in the same county as that person.  I truly hope that Obama will be the kind of leader he has been touted to be, but only time will tell.  Regardless, he has already inspired millions and even though I didn’t give him my vote, I pray that God will lead him to make the best decisions possible for this country. 

As a sidenote: To the people who threatened to move out of the country if Obama was elected, go ahead and knock yourself out.  Or change your attitude.

4 thoughts on “what she said

  1. Well, missy, I’d say you hit the nail on the head. Maybe you oughta do more political posts….:)

  2. Great post. I am saddened by the extreme sides that some seem to take, both right and left. I also enjoyed your friend, Danielle’s post too.

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