where i bemoan not being a SAHM

This morning got off to a rough start.  I overslept which never helps things when you need to be somewhere.  Sam needed to eat at 7:30 so I fed her then put her in her usual morning spot in the middle of our bed so she could watch various things – the dog, the cat, me getting ready for work, the tv, the ceiling fan, whatever she wants.  She’s usually quite content after eating and will lay there propped up in her purple boppy pillow as happy as a clam chewing on her fingers and watching things while I gather up everything needed for the day.  We left peaceably enough and she fell asleep in the car.  Traffic was light since it was so late and I finally managed to drop her off at day care and get to work.  Quite late but whatever.

I was extra sad to leave her today though.  Some days (and these are rare) I’m ok with it and bee-bop outta day care with minimal worries.  But today Sam was being such a peach, blabbering and smiling and looking up at me with those blue eyes that I have no idea where they came from, and just being as cute as babily possible.  I just walked around the house for a few minutes holding her close and cuddling with her.  I was mad that I had to leave her so I didn’t get in any hurry about it.  I’m exceptionally good at stalling when I don’t want to do something. 

There’s no point to this post really, other than to say that today I was extra sad not to be a “stay at home mom”.

One thought on “where i bemoan not being a SAHM

  1. You know that mommy guilty doesn’t go away, either. Some days I can’t wait to pick up Amelia from school and I feel so guilty about being at work and enjoying it, then other days, I feel guilty for wanting to work a few minutes extra. Just enjoy the time you have.

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